Your Dog is Not Your Pet; it is Your Spiritual Guide

    Many people in the world also feel that they are part of their family

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    I have always liked dogs very much; I consider that they are part of my family. I respect their individuality and nature very much. I enjoy their company and appreciate that they have chosen me as part of their life! I know that many people also feel that they are part of their family, although many others question it. In this article dedicated to dogs, I will explain to you the spiritual significance of these magnificent beings.

    Dogs have a special mission in this world. They are emotional therapists; They will not hesitate to give you a good lick in the face if they feel sad or anxious, they will also love each member of your family and care about them, they will be faithful and protective friends.

    It is they who choose you, not you them

    They do not come to you by luck or chance, in reality and although it is difficult to understand it, it is they who choose you, not you them. They know your mission very well; to accompany you on that mission to the end. They will come to you in the least expected way; and even when you have the opportunity to “choose” among many other dogs; they will have a particular approach, look and sympathy that will allow you to have no doubt about the choice; You will know that they have chosen well, however he was the one who chose you and with their energy and vibration they let you know.

    Dogs are energetic protectors

    They will absorb unbalanced vibrations from you and your spaces; they will then purge themselves with the help of water, plants and other elements that help them; if necessary they will sacrifice for you when there are very strong energies that can affect you. They know their mission and will not hesitate to do so; Certain sudden deaths for no apparent reason are sometimes caused by those strong energies that they absorb from you or your spaces. A good way to help them purge the energy they have absorbed is to give them lots of physical affection.

    Their evolutionary degree allows them to easily travel on the astral plane; they are able to accompany you during your own astral travels; nor in that they will leave you alone. They know the way better than you. Dogs are faithful; They teach us unconditional love and humility daily. They never forget to greet you or wag your tail happily when they see you again even if 5 minutes have passed, they are the gurus of the nobility.

    Bond of love

    The mission of the dog is so special, especially in cases where the bond of love is so extreme that before the death or loss of the owner, they can “let themselves die” to finish their mission; because they no longer find the meaning of their life.

    Dogs are connected with very high vibrations, they are very sensitive; they perceive and observe more than you imagine. They are experts in energy radars; They are always alert, their auditory sensitivity is impressive, their sense of smell is very fine and their vision allows us to see other dimensions and planes of consciousness that we hardly perceive; That is why they will be restless, anxious and / or will start barking constantly before a strong presence that they consider negative not only on a physical level but also on an energetic level.

    At the individual level; they will always be aware of its owner and / or the family that has “adopted” it; It will ensure emotional health, always seeking harmony in the environment; when you find sadness, heartbreak, depression and these types of emotions; he will look for a way to get out of that state; sometimes the famous “lick in the face” is the best therapy. The movement of the tail generates vibrational waves that harmonize the environment; they send signals of love; a universally known and much needed vibration.

    The mission of humans is to protect them, love them, feed them; but above all to be grateful for their presence in your life. If you have a dog, never put it aside, never abandon it; Although sometimes you feel that it is a lot of work to maintain it, think that if it is with you it is for a higher reason, to help you evolve and protect you from negative energies, it is more than your pet … it is your great spiritual guide.

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