High Vibrational Living and Why You Need To Consider It

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    High vibrational living!? You may have heard this buzz word around the water cooler lately and wondered to yourself, what does it mean? Google, Siri help define this.

    As one begins to find a quest to define high vibrational living, you may fall down many rabbit holes before landing in a place you can truly comprehend. The science nerd inside can summarize the theme fundamentally to an understanding that energy comes from everything.  Everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy and that everything is interacting on a subatomic level within those energy particles. Einstein’s E=mc2 which describes the interchangeability of mass and energy, and further that our cells are a bundle of electromagnetic energies. Breaking this down further to understand, that all our cells are vibrating at a microscopic frequency.

    Ever notice how when you wake up with joy and excitement about the day ahead, your day flows with such ease. Positive vibrational energy will attract positive energy. When we think positive thoughts we are creating bio cellular chemistry in our bodies to match, these thoughts result in a higher vibration. Higher vibration frequency states equal healthier happier humans living to their highest potential. Could you imagine if we were all living our lives from this higher energy frequency?

        “Do you hear the call to live your life from a higher vibration?”

    In a world of fear based living cultures, limiting beliefs and individualism, we are mentally fracturing. The mental health industry trends are indicating that our chemically-driven, over stressed human landscapes are propagating at a staggering rate. Latest reports released show that over 40 million Americans are medicated to sustain daily life, states Joe Dispenza in his book Evolve Your Brain. We are mentally breaking down at catastrophic rates, with no end in sight. Recent studies show that living in these biochemical stress states of suffering are the cause of the cellular breakdowns creating disease and dysfunction in our bodies and our minds. Essentially, most of humanity is living in a lower vibration from guilt, shame, fear and anger.

     “By raising your vibration, you will rise  to your fullest potential.”

    So how do I raise my vibration and avoid disease and mental breakdown? The solution is to start with you. Zone zero. Radical self-reliance, highlighted by the Burning Man culture, on the planet’s largest ecstatic gathering, held annually in the western United States at Black Rock City. A temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of the northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles(160km) north-northeast of Reno.

    The late summer event is an experiment in community and art, influenced by ten main principles: radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy, and leave no trace “Burners” as they refer to themselves, encourage the principle of relying on oneself for inner resources. Those inner resources being our physical, mental and emotional vibrational energy states. We must take responsibility for our personal vibrations. By raising your vibration, you will rise to your fullest potential. When we live from our highest expression of ourselves, we feel good. When we feel good, we do good. The call couldn’t be louder to do more good in this world.

    “Resonance residents are the seekers and have daily practices of this style of living, and are inviting others to join.”

    Recently, eco-communities such as Resonance in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone, are becoming hubs for this kind of living. Resonance residents are the seekers and have daily practices of this style of living. They have the courage to make the commitment to raise their vibrations in a co-living, co-working, eco village. Nestled in the north, they are weaving together a human living design that is in accordance with nature’s laws and her prescribed flows of energy and magnetism. By living in active awareness of all energies and flows we can match and tune into the positive reflections of nature’s vibration. They are like many pockets of eco-pioneers going back to the land to work it, to eat sustainably from it, and create living spaces in which to reside.

    When the landscape of our infinite possibilities is a realization deep within the heart, your frequency rises.This is the call to high vibrational living where our bodies are repairing and aligning back to a place of balance. This happens when we are in communion with the earth. Humanity is at a crossroads and we must actively work to raise our consciousness and vibration for ourselves and those around us. When we are in active awareness of ourselves and cherish our environment, we can optimize our natural propensity for wellness of body, mind, soul and spirit. This is how true change begins.

    “Is a place like Resonance calling you, to aspire to live in harmony with the natural world to rise to a higher vibration?”

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