With Carbon Neutral Bananas Sector Seeks Greater Momentum

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    Costa Rica News – After a low level of exports in 2012, the banana industry seeks alternatives to increased competitiveness. Efforts range from environmental improvements, up to a further development of the product exposure.

    On the environmental side, carbon neutral bananas have been certified by Rainforest Alliance and cultivated on the campus of the College of Agriculture of the Humid Tropical Region (EARTH).

    The fruit production in this area is free of herbicides and is divided into blocks surrounded by forest, which promotes biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. Also, all production waste paper or become inputs like fertilizer and plastic bags and ropes are recycled.

    Luis Pocasangre, Director of Research at the University, mentioned as part of efforts to “blue bags that protect our bananas during growth are soaked in a repellent with garlic and chili, chemical free. Other species also planted on the ground covering the drainage ditches to reduce erosion and prevent water pollution. ”

    Moreover, in the development of a country brand, Jorge Sauma, president of the National Banana Corporation (CORBANA) indicated that in January 2011 was obtained Geographical Indication “Bananas from Costa Rica”, the first recorded in our country, and the first country in Latin America to obtain banana. “This stamp is a distinction of quality and specification have been grown and produced in our country, respecting the environment and workers’ rights,” said Sauma.

    In addition, the GI plays an important role in the international markets, especially in the European Union, to inform consumers about the origin of the product, its quality and reputation, and is a competitive tool, as it will allow to highlight the value added by differentiation and is expected to quote the best fruit, to recognize the efforts of the producers on environmental and social.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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