Costa Rica: From Bananas and Coffee to Social and Environmental Innovation

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    The evolution that Costa Rica has experienced in recent years has made the country exporting bananas and coffee to a diversified economy and outstanding in technology and innovation companies. Fuerza en Movimiento visited the country to discover the businesses that are taking advantage of the current context to expand focused on social and environmental awareness.

    Establishment Labs is a company highly specialized in technology that designs, develops and exports silicone implants. Its focus is on permanent innovation, with the safety of users of its products as a primary purpose.

    On the other hand, Asembis is a network of clinics that serves about 40 medical, non-profit specialties. This enterprise of Rebeca Villalobos began with a vocational impulse of its founder who knew the difficulties of a great part of the population to access to medical services of quality, due to its high cost.

    Finally, Green Cloud is a software enterprise that operates in the cloud and helps organizations to know, manage and reduce their carbon footprint. The company takes advantage of the favorable context, bearing in mind that the Costa Rican government proposed to be the first carbon-neutral economy by 2021.

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