Why You Should Masturbate More in Quarantine

This whole quarantine thing got you feeling a little crazy ?

Let me ask you something.
How many times did you muse to yourself before all this happened, way back in your normal busy life, ” If only I had more time to devote to sex and intimacy with my lover or myself !” Or both.

And now you have got it. All the alone time you damn well could want. Chances are you’re still not masturbating like crazy nor spending long languid hours making love to your lover. And after all this time you may still have not met the heights of promised lands in the universe where you get to meet god through orgasm.

Mmmhhh it all comes down to prioritising what is important to you in your life.

You wouldn’t go a day with our brushing your teeth, eating food or getting good sleep without expecting some minor to major consequences. Same goes with masturbation. It is an as important to your health as the previous mentioned.

I always get asked
“Why do you talk so much about sex and place such importance on it ?”

Well. I don’t see many adverts in Craig’s list asking for a house mate willing to share a mortgage, kids ,bills and the willingness to grow old together. A house mate with financial burden benefits. Because sexual attraction is what brings two people together.

And what I do see is that divorce, relationship break up and heart ache is all about lack of intimacy and lack of sex. The growing apart from one another depletes intimacy and sexual contact and it becomes the centre of arguments.

People divorce over one indiscretion of the sexual kind. So you cant tell me that sex is not that important. Society at large is willing to separate families and dissect finances over it.

So where is the best place to start ?


And with this whole quarantine business going on
and on
and on
and on,
it is quite safe to say that your masturbation practices should and could be top notch. I am not talking about upping your porn habit from twice a day to 6 or 7 times a day. Not at all. From all reports this causes more havoc more than not, mainly because men in general ejaculate each time they masturbate to porn. This constant depletion causes head aches, premature ageing, depletion of minerals and vitality, exhaustion, inability to last as long as your woman needs you to and the inability to get it up when you are actually with a real person.

What I am talking about is the health giving form of mindful masturbation.

This includes edging, using breath work, moving and transforming your energy through your brain and body. Plus so much more.
For both Women and Men.

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You have a choice.

You can come out of quarantine armed with a strong immune system, high self worth, a stronger sense of self love and a knowing that you bloody well rock it in the bed room.
Or not.
There is no time like the present to make your sex life with yourself and or with another your top priority.

Contrary to an age old belief Masturbating won’t make you blind, crazy, or stupid. It won’t damage your genitals, cause pimples, or stunt your growth. It doesn’t use up an imaginary quota of limited orgasms or interfere by ruining other kinds of sex.

In fact it can strongly enhance all kinds of sex,

Here are twelve reasons why.

Reason # 1.

Masturbation helps you know your own self thus enabling you to show another how to pleasure you.

This fact alone is a strong enough argument to masturbate masturbate masturbate, Self responsibility in your own pleasure is paramount. It ain’t up to anyone else to do that for you dear lover. Knowing what you do and don’t like is a huge step to getting what you need and want. It also creates the space for the other to express their needs and desires.

Win Win all round.

Reason #2

Well you cant catch STI’s from masturbation. Self lovin” is as safe as it gets. Unless you are mutually masturbating whilst sharing toys and touching each others genitals.  Then you will need to proceed with the same precautions as any safe sex practice.  Just do what any respecting grandmother has taught you. Wash your hands. ( even though it is now national policy…. I truly believe most of us were raised with this practical advice. But maybe not. ) 

Reason #3

You can not get or make any one else pregnant. This is your contribution to easing the load of human population on a planet we seem to insist on destroying. Also the month of February is already taken up with Valentines and escape runs from the cold. Besides you already know the home birth midwives will already be booked up with quarantine baby births. So no need to add to the pressure.If you are one to go to a hospital for such matters, there ain’t going to be much room. You will be fighting for a bed among the other quarantine mama s to be.

Reason #4

Want to improve your body image ?


Want to feel more empowered ?


Want to have more self love ?


Want to have more self worth ?


Reason #5

Need more sleep in your nights ? Or a well earned afternoon nap ?

Masturbate, In fact masturbation relieves stress. If your monkey mind is going around and around driving all your other glands and cells crazy then masturbation is your friend.

Reason #6

Ladies. Masturbation and orgasm ( as they are not always the same thing ) are your best friend during your menstruation. If you suffer from cramps during your bleed then an orgasm actually releases the tension in your womb.

So much more effective and better for you than a pill. Which you probably don’t have on hand any more as it is no longer a quick trip past the pharmacy on your way home from work.

Reason #7

Want to get your work done ?
Feeling stuck at the computer with no inspiration ?

Masturbation raises dopamine. The get sh*t done hormone.
But be warned fellas. I f you take your rub and tug all the way to tipping over the edge, you will replace all that inspiration and impulse with the “checking out” hormone prolactin.

Defeating the purpose all together.

If you are a man wanting support and more knowledge on how to master your ejaculation then contact me here  for one on one coaching or jump  in my 5 week email course on exactly this topic.

Reason # 8

Pleasure pushes cortisol out of your body. Cortisol is the number one factor for many illnesses today. Stress equals dis-ease.

The more pleasure you have in your life the less stressed you are. Just some handy mathematics right there.

Reason #9

The more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you want.

Masturbating increases your libido.

Cause and effect. Not so say it is the only effect on libido. Many factors come into play when it comes to this little pink elephant in the room. But without a healthy masturbation practice one can not be expected to move that far forward.

Reason # 10.

It helps you look younger and more alive. Orgasms in women and transforming of sexual energy in men actually replenishes and resets hormones.
Hence younger and more vibrant looking skin.
Move over Botox. Not that you can go out get injected anyways. You may as well get your orgasm onto it.
Safer, cheaper and available after hours.

Reason # 11

Deep longer lasting orgasms helps you lose weight. Especially around the middle. I have clients that have been trying to lose that last 5 to 10 pounds of stubborn weight and no matter how often they go to the gym, it wont budge. But once they upped their masturbation practice… viola . Not just a quick rub one out practice. But a dedicated self honouring in depth masturbation practice. So much more fun than trying to lift heavier weights.

Reason #12

Well it just feels so damn good. You are in a better mood and more open to life after some good ole masturbation. And there is nothing wrong with having more feel good moments in your life.

Especially now.

The more you feel good the higher you will raise the vibration of the planet and we can get out of here .


Just imagine what it is you want people to see when they first get a glance of you in the streets when we are free to be humans with choice again.

Yeah baby

You want them to see a glowing vibrant well pleasured human.

And that lovers is up to you.

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