Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a country in Central America, known for its tropical beaches, eye-popping
visuals, and grand adventures. It is a county which most people have a dream of visiting due
to its friendly and nature-loving environment, filled with hospitable people and diverse
wildlife. A land awaiting to be explored.
Filled with family-friendly adventures, mouthwatering and delicious delicacies, luxurious
hotels, rainforests, river valleys, National parks, etc. This land is a must-visit city for
everyone looking to spend their vacations by having a fun time with their friends and family.
Therefore, here are the top 10 reasons why you should visit the dream city of Costa Rica
during your next vacation.

  1. Extremely Diverse Wildlife
    With over 50,000 different wildlife species, thriving in Costa Rica, you are sure to find a lot of
    variety. Almost 30% of the land of the country is solely dedicated to national parks. Species
    of colorful butterflies, howler monkeys, iguana, sea turtle, humpback whales, sloths, and
    many more are scattered throughout the country. Not only that Costa Rica also houses many
    diverse plant and insect species, and if you are a fan of monkeys, lizards, or beautiful birds,
    this is the place for you to visit and enjoy the fantastic sights

  1. Volcanoes
    Now, who doesn’t like volcanoes? Costa Rica has over 60 dormant volcanoes and five active
    volcanoes. The most famous of all is the Arenal Volcano, especially popular among tourists
    for its hikes in rugged and unforgiving terrain, or if someone wants to enjoy relaxing
    geothermal hot springs. There are also many resorts and spas in the area that use the
    natural hot spring to their advantage. But for those who are worried about it being active,
    don’t be afraid, it has been dormant since 1968 when it last erupted and is now considered
    safe for tourism.
  2. Thrilling Adventures
    If you are a whole adventure and travel person, look no further, because Costa Rica is filled
    with many amazing and thrilling outdoor adventures. Dozens of tour companies which are
    specialists in many adventures like, fishing, ATV driving, tubing, horseback riding, scuba
    diving, zip-lining across the rain forests, and even other sports sky diving and jumping off
    waterfalls. There is no shortage of adventure in this country. It is filled with places to explore,
    swim, or relax if you want to.
  3. Delicious Delicacies
    Food in Costa Rica is often not considered while visiting this place and is undermined. But
    this place offers some of the most delicious and beautiful dishes you can find on the planet.
    If you are a fruit lover, then pejibayes ( a type of peach palm fruit) is your thing to go. But
    most importantly, if you are a chocolate or a coffee lover, then you will be happy to know that
    Costa Rica is known to produce some of the best coffee and chocolates in the world due to
    its tropical weather and mountain terrains. Be sure to drink a cup of coffee or take a bar of
    chocolate when you visit this country

  1. Beaches
    Costa Rica has been ranked to be the number one destination for surfing in the whole world.
    Big competitions like Billabong World Surfing are often hosted by this country. If you are just
    a beach lover and are just there to enjoy the site, then you will be thrilled to know that Costa
    Rica has more than 800 miles of pristine shoreline on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides
    of the country. Many of its beaches have turtles lying across its shores, making it a very
    mesmerizing sight.

  1. National Parks
    As mentioned previously, Costa Rica has a very diverse array of wildlife. Therefore it is
    natural to find amazing National Parks in this country which is home to many wildlife species.
    It has as many as 27 National Parks, which houses many amazing visuals and places like
    the forest, coral reef, dry forests, rain forests, and swamps. So you can just go on hiking to
    these beautiful lands and enjoy nature’s protected beauty.
  2. Premium and Luxurious Resorts
    Filled with lovely beaches, astonishing wildlife, and amazing spas, Costa Rica also has
    many luxurious resorts scattered around its area. The area around its volcanoes is filled with
    spas and resorts for you just to relax in and take a dip in hot water. Around its beaches,
    there are many 5 star luxurious resorts, for people looking to enjoy the view while in a 5-star
    comfort zone.
  3. Amazing Health Care System
    The health system in Costa Rica has been astonishing and been on the rise ever since. It is
    even ranked higher than the United States. People enjoy nature’s gift and lead a happy and
    long life. Maybe that is the reason why the life expectancy of men over there is a whopping
    79.3 years and of women is 82 years! The highest in the whole world
  1. Easier to Reach
    It is very close to the US and Canada, offering a significant benefit over other tourist
    destinations. San Jose is only a mere 3 hours flight away from Miami, a five-hour flight from
    New York, and a six-hour trip from Los Angeles. Adding to this, many airline companies offer
    very cheap and budget-friendly offers that can help you save a decent amount of money
    which you can then spend inside Costa Rica in enjoying your time there rather than
    spending money on traveling to Costa Rica.
  2. Happiest Place you can Find
    Costa Rica has no army since it’s army was abolished in 1948 due to being considered
    unnecessary. Life over there is deemed to be simple, peaceful, and happy along with
    freedom. Although there are many diverse groups of people living over there, belonging to
    different cultures and traditions, they all intermingle and live a life that is simple and
    rewarding. Being surrounded by fantastic nature, the experience has never been so much
    happier and free. Not only that, but the World’s Database of Happiness has also ranked
    Costa Rica as being the number #1 Happiest Nation on the planet among 148 other

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