Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Contestant Valeria Ramírez Roldán Is The Best of The Fifth Season So Far

    By: José David Ramírez Roldán, historian

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    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a well-known international television franchise of British origin, which in Costa Rica is presenting the fifth season of the program through the Teletica channel. Thus, last Tuesday, June 22 at 8 p.m., viewers were able to appreciate the excellent participation of the librarian and historian, Valeria Ramirez Roldan, a 33-year-old woman resident of San Jose.

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    During the beginning of the program, she expressed her love for her pet (Wos) andhusband (Rosmer Fonseca), as well as her interest in exploring old houses, without leaving aside her triumph in life as a survivor of a serious illness when she was a child, therefore, for her everything is a struggle (challenge).

    Ramirez was asked very varied and precise questions about riddles, biology, pop culture, mathematics, medicine, cinema, ornithology and history. However, within the wild cards, she was smart and chose as her companion Fernando Araya, who was her +1. He had participated 10 years ago, winning ₡10 million.

    It can be seen in the show’s social networks that Ramirez was liked a lot for her demonstration of humor, charisma, humility and knowledge as she became the best contestant so far of the current season, appearing in the ninth episode. She was left at question 12 (₡7,500,000), as she did not know the answer and had strategically used all her jokers beforehand, so Valeria wisely decided to withdraw as she did not know the answer. Finally, she took home ₡5 million.

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