The Development of Your Character, Key to a Solid Personality


Character is not something you were born with and that you cannot change, like your fingerprints. It is something that you must take responsibility for consolidating.

According to the Webster dictionary, the meaning number six in the entry dedicated to the word defines character as “The set of qualities or circumstances of a thing, a person or a community, which distinguishes them, by their way of being or acting, with regards to others”.

You build character by how you respond to what’s going on in your life, whether it’s winning every game, losing every game, getting rich, or facing tough times.

You develop character from certain qualities that you must diligently create and nurture within yourself, as you would a plant, water a seed or gather wood to build a campfire.

“Character is the result of two things: the mental attitude and the way we spend our time.”Elberd-Hubbard.

Factors that make up character:

Various studies into the concept of character have agreed to point out several fundamental characteristics of it. As always, there are many points where there is no general agreement, but one of the most widely accepted today is that it has three constitutive factors: emotivity, activity, and resonance.

Emotivity:it is usually defined as the “state of psychosomatic shock that certain individuals suffer under the influence of events that are objective of equal importance.” This feature serves as the basis for the classification of emotional and non-emotional individuals. If a subject implies their feelings first (or not) before a stimulus than we can recognize it through some behavioral traits such as mobility of humor, demonstration, compassion, fervor, etc.

Activity: it involves two aspects. On the one hand, the free need to act due to a congenital need (eating, sleeping, etc.). On the other, the need to remove any obstacle that tries to oppose the subject’s direction. It is evident that our character varies significantly according to the degree to which we are managing to satisfy these needs.

Resonance: it refers to the impression time that an event gives us and the time necessary for the reconstitution of normality before said act. According to this time, the subjects can be primary (characterized by their impulsiveness, mobility, the fact of being comforted or reconciled quickly, etc.) or secondary (those who are affected by an impression for long periods of time, cannot be consoled, have persistent grudges, etc.

In addition to these constitutive factors, other supplementary properties are added, including egocentrism, analytical intelligence, phallocentrism, etc. and whose joint interaction with the primaries and environment would result in the personality of each individual.

In conclusion, building your character is building your personality, and is vital to becoming everything you can be. Your character is a distinctive brand, you are unique. So, to continue improving in having a better character, a better distinctive brand, your goal must be to make the best version of yourself every day, you can be a work of art, only if you set your mind to it and work day by day, and most importantly, value yourself.

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