What Steps Have The Costa Rican Population Taken To Counter Climate Change?

Setting an example worldwide

Climate Change is an issue that today generates a direct impact on citizens, this includes their buying and consumption habits. It turns out that the company Eco Market Research carried out quantitative research in late 2019, focused on those aspects in order to determine attitudes and potential effects in different industries.

The research determines important situations, such as changes in habits in relation to buying products -which they consider harmful to the environment- 60% of Costa Ricans have done so.  And people call on the authorities to take more effective action on brands for more commitment.

An impact towards quality of life.

Beyond stopping buying certain products because they consider them polluting, 80% of citizens have chosen to reduce electricity and water consumption, also eliminating the use of plastic straws and carrying reusable bags for their purchases.

Through 500 interviews nationwide, with people from 13 to 78 years old, the company Eco Market Research, found that only 15% say they are uncomfortable changing their usual brands for other eco-friendly ones. 38% have asked companies to make changes to their environmental policies. 60% consider that companies and the government are primarily responsible for providing solutions to the environmental problem. 82% believe that the climate change situation is worsening, mainly due to the lack of effective actions. For a minority of 17%, separating and recycling is considered an unpleasant process. 24% consider that reusing plastic packaging is unhygienic.

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It is a pressure that people decide to exert on companies, with a tendency to to increase in the medium term. That is to say, it gives way for various entrepreneurs to devise projects or strategies that have a green behavior and can compete with other products in the markets.

Now, it is important to know about the company Eco Market Research, which is in charge of market research with more than 10 years of experience in Latin America and the Hispanic community in the United States, focused on offering its clients cutting-edge techniques for data analysis of markets and products. In Central America, it was a pioneer in the execution of the study of Gross Internal Happiness (FIB) carried out in Costa Rica.

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