“Reconnection”, an Energetic Healing Of Our Inner Being

Healing others by first healing yourself

“Reconnection” is a process that allows our body to start vibrating at frequencies that help us to heal and feel well, being an extraordinary element of personal growth. It consists of reactivating and unifying our system of physical energy meridians and vortices that were disconnected from the axiatonal network that connects all levels of creation, allowing energy to enter and flow. Once the connection is reestablished, your soul will begin to feel the necessary experiences to be able to re-integrate with your whole being.

In other words; reconnection is an energy technique that consists of uniting our energy channels, which are traditionally known as “meridians”, with the axial lines of the Universe. The axial lines are related to field theory or quantum theory. This connects us with the energy fields that surround us, such as the electromagnetic field of the earth and with the energy grid of the entire Universe.

As Eric Pearl defines it: “the energetic reconnection, it is not a therapy in itself, it is much more than that, it is helping to recognize your inner being in a more direct way and gradually “perceive” reality through it and not through the ego, which ceases to be important giving priority to others, which are the ones that help you to be happy.”

Why is reconnection important?

A) Reconnection helps speed up your evolutionary process: It allows you to access that you are by waking up progressively the DNA and your brain.

B) Increase your connection to the earth and the universe: Raising your vibration until you opens yourself to multidimensionality.

C) It helps you see your purpose clearly in this life and helps you realize it.

D) Reconnection is the way for self-healing threw vibrational frequency, with superior intelligence. When the reconnection is activated things will happen and you will realize why and what for, so you are convinced being on the right path.

How is the reconnection performed?

The Facilitator brings and activates the axiatonal lines and thus allows the adequate exchange of light and information for each being and the reintegration of the DNA cords or filaments (simultaneous or parallel planes of existence).

It systematically unites each point cleaned in each meridian and vortex of the energy of the body, thus giving harmony to the totality of the bodily functions, at the same time obtaining the electromagnetic balance and the alignment of chakras, body, mind, and spirit.

Reconnection is done once in a lifetime, on 2 consecutive days if possible at the same time, each session lasts approximately 35 to 45 minutes, it is recommended that there be one night between sessions and not more than 48 hours. It is recommended to perform reconnective healing first because they facilitate the integration of this new frequency.

We already know that reconnection is above all a system of healing that frees us from internal blockages on a spiritual level. It makes us connect with higher energy that fills our whole being at all levels, that is, the physical, mental, emotional and, finally, the spiritual field. Eric Pearl comments on his famous phrase where he states the following “heal others by healing yourself.”

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