What Makes Costa Rica so Unique?

Being Ethical Is a Blessing Wherever You Look At

Let the proud ‘Ticos’ raise their hand; being a ‘Tico’ is a blessing! This piece of land anchored to the middle of the continent is full of unique and curious benefits that many of us do not know.

The most diverse place in the world per square kilometer has more than 500,000 species, representing about 5% of the world’s biodiversity in just 51,000 kilometers. It is one of the few places in the world where 25% of the territory is protected.

Costa Rica is one of the countries with more biodiversity in the world; it contains about 5% of the world’s species. The lush natural wild environment can be experienced for sure.


Unlike other countries, Costa Rica is a very stable political climate and economic development providing visitors with a quiet environment for their stay is one of the few countries in the world without an army.

Costa Rica and its people have a peaceful disposition, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy such an unforgettable vacation. It offers dreamlike landscapes, friendly people willing to share their culture, and a safe country to experience natural wonders.

It also provides the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure culture, good cuisine, and wildlife. Visitors find in Costa Rica an adventure paradise in the most beautiful and safe natural environment. It is also the place of 4 world heritage sites by UNESCO.

For all these endless good things the country has, it makes it so unique that our country tries to promote organic ingredients, virgin nature, and authentic experiences that every time Costa Rica comes to mind, you think it is ‘Pure Life‘. In addition to all this, we are pleased that more and more foreigners come to our country and feel pleased not only by the charisma of their people but also by their simplicity their cultures and traditions.

Costa Rica is an endless number of emotions lived. When visiting this dream place, you can have the most spectacular views. By connecting with nature, the lush beaches, and walks are ideal for the family in the country that has all good food and landscapes beyond imagination. All this makes Costa Rica so unique and unforgettable.

It is one of the countries that have the oldest democracy in Central America. And if it was not enough, it is among the 10 countries in the world that have no army.

It also has approximately 52 species of hummingbirds that are native to Costa Rica, making it the hummingbird capital. Approximately 10% of the world’s butterflies live in Costa Rica. It is also estimated that it has about 20,000 species of spiders; it is one of the highest figures in the world approximately.

And it should be noted among its qualities that it is the most peaceful country in Central America according to the Global Peace Index (GPI).

It is also the 4th-best destination in the world for retirees, according to the International Living ranking. And its capital was the 3rd city in the world, after Paris and New York, to be illuminated with electric power.

San José at night

If what you want is a quiet and comfortable place to relax and spend the days in total peace when you retire, it is still possible to find that place you dreamed of. Here, in Costa Rica, that dream can make it come true.

It has a pleasantly warm climate that will make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the year, with beautiful and wonderful landscapes at your disposal, without worrying about any natural phenomenon that can ruin your sweet retreat.

As in almost all Caribbean countries, there is no snow in Costa Rica, but low mountain temperatures do. That is why its climate has 2 seasons only; ‘summer’, between November and April (very hot and humid) and ‘winter’, between May and October (with heavy rains.)

In our country, medical quality has improved to the point of becoming the best in the world for tourism. It is unsurpassed with the most selective care and attention for you.

Innovation in medicine every day is on the rise with the best quality in medical, dental and plastic surgery, in addition to this, there are programs for alcohol and drug detoxification, aesthetic and body programs.

To finish, when traveling, do not hesitate to include Costa Rica among your options so you can visit each of those lush places that will leave you speechless. Dare and enjoy it! The invitation is made; only you are missing.