What Is Emotional Dependency And How To Overcome It?

    The way in which people relate to their environment differs in each case and can be determined by social patterns and by their own personal history

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    Emotional dependence appears as one of the ways of bonding, being a psychological state that occurs in personal relationships, regardless of whether they are with a partner, family or friendship. It is a condition that affects many people. That is why, below, we will tell you everything you need to know about emotional dependence and how to overcome it.

    How to Recognize Emotional Dependence?

    In many cases, emotional dependency is transient. That is, it occurs at a certain time in a person’s life, but then disappears. However, the most frequent is that whoever has it repeats a pattern of dependency bond throughout his life and with different people around him.

    The consequences that this has on the person’s psychology will depend on the degree of dependence, but can lead to a tendency to bond with possessive and authoritarian people in toxic relationships, where decision-making is unilateral. In general, people with emotional dependency are not capable of leaving this type of relationship, even when situations of abuse or discomfort occur in them.

    There are various signs of emotional dependence and these vary from person to person. However, in general, those who present this condition have some patterns such as the inability to remain alone, stress when separated from their partners or relatives, fear of loneliness, submission in the couple, difficulty expressing opinions and dissidence, feeling of inferiority, among other things.

    How to Overcome Emotional Dependence?

    Despite what was mentioned above, there are several ways to overcome this way of bonding and feeling with oneself. One way to do this is by going to professional accompaniment where the origin of this dependency can be understood and alternatives can be found to leave it behind.

    But, in addition, other keys to how to overcome emotional dependence can be the following:

    • Gradually get used to loneliness, to lose the fear of moments without company or to be able to find comfort in it.
    • Look for activities, studies or hobbies that can focus one’s attention, preventing it from falling solely on one person.
    • Betting on alternatives that allow developing and promoting self-esteem, such as work, study, among other things.
    • Establish links outside the nucleus that generates dependency, placing trust in other people and thus reducing the need for the one who considers himself unique.
    • Learn to say no to what you don’t want to do or to those situations that are demeaning or insulting.
    • Consider yourself worthy of fulfilling achievements.

    Emotional dependency is a state from which you can get out. However, for this, you have to be able to recognize it. For this reason, it is always best to go to professional accompaniment to identify patterns or to be able to look for alternative paths.

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