What Are Health Retreats and What Kinds of Activities Can You Find to Free Body and Mind?

    What if you use the holidays to really disconnect and come back with charged batteries? That is the goal of health retreats, a form of tourism based on caring for the body and mind that has become fashionable in recent years

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    The stress of daily life takes its toll. The schedules, the pressure at work, the accelerated pace of life … And all that, in theory, should disappear when we go on vacation, sometimes comes back increased because we have chosen destinations or plans that do not invite rest and relaxation. Hence the ode to the slow life and the fact that health retreats have not only become fashionable but have also become a more than necessary getaway to reconnect body and mind.

    But what exactly is a health retreat?

    It is about making a getaway in which the objective is to dedicate time to yourself, recover energy and in most cases return with another point of view or, at least, with more than charged batteries. They can be thematic retreats (yoga, meditation, dance, music, mindfulness …), silence, well-being, specific (such as breathing) and there are even those who include volunteer retreats as a conscious journey that helps you reposition yourself.

    Resonance, one of the best Wellness retreats in Costa Rica

    Focusing on health, Resonance in Playa Lagarto is one of the best retreats that we can enjoy in Costa Rica, with stays ranging from one day to more than a week. It has health and wellness programs that will boost your life. During your stay you will enjoy healthy eating and cooking workshops, herbal medicine, conscious movement, yoga and Pilates, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, excursions, spa and massage circuit, physiotherapy and a session with a personal coach.

    We hope you can come with us and enjoy it! And when you come back to real life … breathe and remember everything you have learned. For more information contact:
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