We must open tourism gradually, not go crazy Priscilla Solano, former president of Caturgua

A good international image with the control of the COVID-19 Pandemic is the best letter of presentation by Costa Rica to foreign tourists in these moments, analyzed Priscilla Solano, former president of the Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism (Caturgua). Solano agrees with the government’s strategy of opening tourism in stages, so that cases do not skyrocket and foreign tourists feel safe.

She states that the current opinion of by the zones inhabitants with regards to the return of tourists to the area is divided into two large groups: one that wants the beaches to be opened immediately and another more cautious, which supports the government’s strict measures.

“Most of us want responsible tourism, thinking in the long term. After all, what foreign visitors are going to look for are safe places to vacation. It is something with which we can better market ourselves; it is much better to have fewer cases when re-starting to market abroad”, Solano declared.

She adds, “I agree with the Government’s strategy of reopening gradually, we must not go crazy. But it is also true that reactivation is urgent and needed: a single large hotel that opens, restores employment for 300 or 500 people”.

“The key to the revival of the province is money to be circulating on the streets, that people spend, in order to have economic reactivation. With regards to this, it will be vital to have low prices, considering that we will have to bet, initially, strongly on national tourism. Also as a province we must promote creative tourism, appealing to the folklore and Guanacaste roots. However, this reactivation is a prize that we must earn by respecting the Pandemic threat,” Solano concludes.

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