Watch for Costa Rica Propane and Gasoline Increases Starting Today

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Unfortunately, the price of fuel is going up. The increase reflects the update on a fuel tax through provisions of the Law of Tax Simplification and Efficiency.

    The new prices started midnight on Friday. For gasoline there will be an increase of ¢5 per liter and ¢3 per liter for diesel.

    The following table summarizes the change in price for each product:

    Super Gasoline¢ 774.00¢ 779.00¢ 5.00
    Petrol Plus¢ 752.00¢ 757.00¢ 5.00
    Diesel¢ 666.00¢ 669.00¢ 3.00
    GLP¢ 330.00¢ 331.00¢ 1.00

    Liquefied petroleum gas (propane)  will also rise in price:

    Types of container
    Current Price
    Price approved
    CYLINDER 8,598 Liters¢ 3339.00¢ 3348.00¢ 9.00
    CYLINDER 17,195 Liters¢ 6678.00¢ 6695.00¢ 17.00
    CYLINDER 21,495 Liters¢ 8348.00¢ 8370.00¢ 22.00
    CYLINDER 34,392 Liters¢ 13357.00¢ 13391.00¢ 34.00
    CYLINDER 85.981 Liters¢ 33393.00¢ 33479.00¢ 86.00


    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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