A Significant Increase in the Price of Fuels in Costa Rica is Approved

    An alternative to RECOPE monopoly is proposed by citizens

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    Get ready, starting this Monday March 1st, you will have to pay more money to fill the tank of your vehicle. This past Friday the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (ARESEP), approved the request made by RECOPE for the adjustment in the price of fuels in Costa Rica that would enter into effect during the month of March 2021.

    As established by ARESEP in the current pricing methodology (RJD-230-2015), on the second Friday of each month, the variation in prices that will come into effect next month must be calculated. The increase will take effect from next week, once it is in the government decree publication.

    The request would entail the following modifications in the price to the final consumer as detailed below:

    • The liter of Super Gasoline would go from ₡ 606 to ₡ 643 for an increase of ₡ 37.

    • The liter of Gasoline Plus 91 from ₡ 591 to ₡ 628 for an increase of ₡ 37.

    • The liter of diesel would increase from ₡ 504 to ₡ 536 for an increase of ₡ 32. Citizen

    Initiative promotes referendum to open Recope monopoly

    A group of citizens promotes an initiative to establish the opening of the fuel market and the elimination of the monopoly of the Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (Recope), without closing the state company.

    The proposal, promoted by Ernesto Alfaro Conde and “other citizens”, aims to end the monopoly of the fuel market and allow citizens to have the option of “choosing products and services within the largest assortment and at the lowest prices”.

    “Recope has been alone since its creation and has a captive market, in addition, it has a pattern that does not demand much of it. It is time for Costa Rica to strengthen itself in this area to stop depending on a single company for the purchase, sale and distribution of hydrocarbons,” the text argues.
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