Visualization, a very Powerful Tool for Achieving Your Goals in Life

The power of the mind is once again brought out through visualization

When we project our thoughts towards the reality we long for, towards everything we want to live, to place our mind and spirit in a space of joy, enthusiasm and motivation, we must visualize due to the capacity that thoughts and emotions have to modify organic functions, affecting the immune system, models behaviors and allows us to find material and spiritual objectives.

Visualizing can be summed up as seeing with the eyes of the mind, imagining, and with it, activating the creative power to transform reality itself. This is said by the expert in neurolinguistics Teresa León.

When you visualize what you want to be or have, understand what your own abilities and fears are, what resources you have and how to get them to get what you need, visualization will allow you to change a negative thought for a positive one and modify the associated attitude. With it you go to your subconscious and decode elements related to your self-esteem and be convinced that something is possible.

How and when to visualize.

Visualization exercises start from imagining with details of time and space the things you want and even act within that visualization, creating the related circumstances, thinking about colors, smells and applying all the senses. “That’s very useful when you want to change an attitude,” says Leon.

If something scares you, you must imagine a different situation related to what that emotion causes you, which begins to produce different physiological changes and attitudes. You can also shape anger, see it as a ball, and kick it out of your body.

In short, it is about giving the brain different options to generate actions from thoughts. Visualization can be done at any time of the day. However, some specialists suggest practicing it in moments of absolute tranquility.

But also…Watch out for visualization.

Believing that imagining what you want is enough to get things is not the right thing. But we must be careful, visualization is the first step, it is a tool of self-discovery, is the starting point towards the inner world in which self-esteem, one’s own attitudes and abilities rests.

Our attitudes begin with what we imagine from the outside world. If we visualize, but do not act, of course we will never achieve anything and we will live in a world of illusion and frustration. That’s why it’s important to learn about the process to get more benefits.

How should we visualize.

Visualization is a motivational technique that can be useful in achieving your personal goals. If you really want something to happen, your imaginative mind must get to work visualizing the result in front of you, playing the game you are going to play in your mind or watching yourself while accepting your university degree.

The only limitation is that of your own mind. Also, visualization is a useful mental skill whereby you can see an image or a scene that is not directly in front of you.

Visualize using positive and optimistic thoughts.

If you feel very bad about yourself and your chances in life, nothing will improve. Therefore, do not think “I am very bad in soccer, I will not improve in any way”, but you should think in a more affirmative way, “now I am not very good”, but in 6 months, I will be much better “. Then, visualize yourself making goals or great plays.

Visualization is a bit like hypnosis in that it won’t work if you don’t believe it. The first step in being certain that visualization of truth will take effect and making your desires a part of real-life is positive thinking. There is no doubt that a visualization is a mental tool that allows us to be loaded with optimism and with it to flows harmony and complacency with ourselves since we feel capable of achieving many goals we have set.

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