Vice President Luis Liberman Costa Rica
Vice President Luis Liberman Costa Rica
San Jose [TCRN] – This morning, the Office of Ethics delivered to the Office of the President Laura Chinchilla a report on the investigation with respect to letters of recommendation signed by the Vice President Luis Liberman, the Education Minister Leonardo Garnier, the advisor to the Ministry of Education Gladys Gonzalez and brother of the President of the Republic, Adrian Chinchilla on behalf of a company so that it could participate in a tender for RECOPE.

Gilberth Calderon, Attorney Ethics, statement wasdirect: “the letters of recommendation sent by the Education Minister Leonardo Garnier and Vice President Luis Liberman, violated all the principles of ethics in public office.”

According to Calderon, the President must now take measures to punish those violations found.

The consequences range from a reprimand to suspension from office.

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