Vagina Shaming. It Is a Thing

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    Recently I have been doing a lot of reading on this whole “Barbie” procedure that has swept the western world of plastic surgery under the title “vagina Rejuvenation” which is basically an extremely very expensive form of genital mutilation.

    Some how advocating with groups such as the UN against women’s sexual mutilation in countries through out Africa is different to choosing to pay a very hefty and pretty penny to do it ones self.

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    Let me begin by saying there is no such thing as a perfect Labia. The perfect Labia is a mythical and nonexistent as Santa Claus.
    Yet there’s no shortage of women’s fem hygiene product companies, media outlets, and thoughtless ( ignorant ) individuals with something to say about what makes a “normal” or “perfect” Vagina. Just as everybody, every skin tone, and every hair color, Vulvas come in all shapes and sizes. Yet women are constantly been made to worry that theirs is the wrong size, shape, smell…oh the list goes on.

    Labia insecurity is out of control which goes to show that maybe we do need to talk more openly about our Vulvas. Girls as young as nine are asking to have their labias shortened (a.k.a. labiaplasty) despite having no medical need for it.

    Depression due to the appearance of their Vulvas has risen in girls in recent years. Many believe their inner lips should be invisible just like the Barbie Doll. This is one statistic that should be scarring the hell out of parents.

    Calling it a “Vaginal Rejuvenation”.
    Illuminates the ignorance that is perpetuated by this procedure. It is not the vaginal canal that is being operated on, demonstrating how some medical“professionals” view woman’s sexual anatomy by using the most incorrectly used words in the English dictionary.

    Girls would be best supported and encouraged to look at their vulvas and labia from a very early age understanding self-love and debunking the shame paradigm that there is something wrong with their genitalia. And if you happen to be a grown woman reading this who has not ever sat, looked, and spoken to her pussy, I encourage you to do so. It could well be one of the most beautiful and most empowering acts you could do.
    She will love you for it.

    Seeing as it is quite rare to see an image of a vagina that doesn’t look like it belonged to a Barbie doll you would do well to get to know yours.

    When ever I work with clients one on one and in my mentorship programs this is one of the first practices I invite women to do. To spend a week gazing and having conversations with their pussy’s.

    Often met with “gasps” giggles and at times horror what unfolds during this practice is nothing short of beautiful.

    When we have our own self confidence built on our very own stamina and self love we can become immune to those comments and sneers hurled towards us by those that really have no idea.
    Many young women are victims of Vagina Shaming from other girls and young boys that are a part of their social and first love circles where their snide remarks claim to know it all. Basic and incorrect knowledge is gained from porn and tall tales spread around.

    Advocating for true images to be presented during sexual education, actual informative and empowering sexual education about pleasure and positive body image, and fostering a relationship with one’s own body and genitalia are healthy steps in changing this kind of bullying.

    Vaginal Shaming has birthed a very profitable procedure that has plastic surgeons once again laughing their very wealthy way to their mansions, sports cars, and tropical holidays banked on women’s lack of self-worth.

    Self Love is the True Revolution Lovers.
    And besides. The more and better sex you have, the more you get to know how fracking beautiful you are just the way you are.
    May we all be a part of the changing conversation.

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