Costa Rican Desserts that you must Indulge In!

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    Costa Rica has quite a diverse gastronomy, thanks to the mixture of its European, African and Indigenous roots. The desserts are exquisite and although some resemble others from Latin countries, their preparation and freshness make them one of a kind. That is why we have brought you a list of the 5 Costa Rican desserts that you probably did not know and that you definitely must try once you step on Costa Rican soil:


    This dessert could be considered one of the most traditional that you can taste in Costa Rica. Its origin dates back to the 1940s in the province of Puntarenas, where it is widely consumed. This dessert consists of three basic ingredients, which are ice, syrup and condensed milk. It is ideal to consume during the summer since it is a refreshing and hydrating drink. However, you can enjoy it at any time of the year.

    Fresco De Chan

    This non-alcoholic drink is one of the most consumed by Costa Ricans. It is sweet, slightly slimy, and is prepared from Chan seeds. You should know that this drink can be consumed at any time of the year in every corner of Costa Rica.

    One of the benefits of consuming Chan soda is that they help the digestive system and are capable of lowering blood pressure. You must bear in mind that this plant is commonly confused with the Chia plant, from which natural fresh drinks are also made.


    This drink is famous in Costa Rica and although its origins are Mexican, in our country it is prepared in a way that you will love. The good thing about this drink like the previous ones is that it can be tasted during all the year, you can find it in various Costa Rican restaurants that specialize in selling sweets and chocolate. Its main ingredients are water, cocoa and roasted corn. A curious fact about this drink is that Chilate was very famous during colonial times.

    Aguadulce with Hot Milk

    Aguadulce con leche, without a doubt, is one of the main drinks in Costa Rica. This dessert is a variant of the traditional Aguadulce and is made up simply of the combination of milk, cinnamon and the aforementioned drink. This drink is also consumed throughout the year in Tico lands and regardless of the province where it is consumed, its ingredients remain the same.

    Coco Rolls

    Coconut Rolls are one of the most delicious and traditional Costa Rican desserts, they are generally shared at family gatherings or celebrations. Although they are also prepared in an artisanal way in Costa Rican homes for the enjoyment of a homemade dessert.

    It consist of small balls made from butter, milk and grated coconut. They can be eaten throughout the year, just like you can find them in any candy market or place specializing in the sale of traditional desserts.

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