Vaccination Certificate Will Be Mandatory for Going to Bars Restaurants and Shows InCosta Rica

    President of the Republic announced that the measure will be implemented as of December 1st

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    The vaccination certificate against Covid-19 will be mandatory in Costa Rica to be able to enter different activities such as public shows, bars, restaurants and commercial premises, this was announced this past week by the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada.According to the president, the requirement will take effect on December 1st.

    “Costa Rica is going in the direction of using QR verification or confirmation of vaccination, of the complete digital scheme for the different activities and eventually, yes, to be able to eliminate or reduce restrictions, that is the direction we are going,” said the President explaining that it is a process that must be gradual and that it cannot happen “overnight” because it is necessary to move forward with the vaccination process.

    To achieve the measure, a joint effort is being carried out at this time between various entities, including the Ministry of Health, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Emergency Commission (CNE) and the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), who carry out coordination to improve the platform for the delivery of vaccination certificates.

    QR verification

    “This same year there will come a time when going to public shows, going to bars or going to restaurants can only be done with QR verification and whoever does not have that QR verification will not be able to participate in that kind of thing for a reason. of public health, it is not for a punitive issue, it is that whoever is not vaccinated puts everyone else at risk, “said the president, explaining that first they work to achieve the vaccination of all people, but whoever does not want to do it “It will be limited in those things because it puts public health at risk

    Alvarado’s statements were made during his visit to the Goicoechea 1 health area vaccination center in the Cuadros community hall in Purral and the details were expanded in a press conference held at the Presidential House.

    During the official announcement of the measure, it was indicated that the vaccination certificate will be mandatory to enter:

    Restaurants, sodas, cafes and food courts (food trucks and food courts)

    Bars and Casinos

    General stores and shopping centers


    Fitness Center

    Hotels, cabins or accommodation establishments. Spas

    Activities, organizations or congregations in places of worship.

    Event rooms for business, academic or social activities.

    Adventure trip

    Theaters, cinemas, art and dance academies and artistic activity establishments

    Sports activities establishments

    The measure of implementing the vaccination certificate for entering local businesses and shows is part of the efforts being made to ensure that all people are vaccinated. To date, according to data from the CCSS, 5,921,089 vaccines have been applied against covid-19, of which 3,525,260 correspond to first doses and 2,395,829 to second doses.

    The president also referred to the new restrictions that will apply as of October 16th and indicated that the measures will be maintained and that there will be a greater opening from mid-November.
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