Use of Mobile Technology Improves the Quality of Life for People with Disabilities

    Barriers that limit the learning and participation of these people in society should be eliminated or minimized

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    The use of mobile technology offers great benefits for people with some degree of physical or mental disability, by improving the acquisition of knowledge through sensory channels, motivating learning through educational and recreational activities and improving self-esteem thanks technological resources to communicate, obtain information or access job opportunities.

    However, the use of the Internet in people with some disability has an implantation around 50%, higher in the case of people with visual disabilities (60.6%) and lower in the case of those with intellectual disabilities (39,8%). The use of the Internet among people with disabilities under 45 years of age is around 80%, while among those over 65 is very low and stands at a reduced 20%.

    Promote inclusion

    In this regard, Marianella Cordero, Costa Rican Communication expert, indicated that mobile technology has come into our lives to change the entire environment, personal relationships, as well as work, leisure, entertainment, for that reason they promote inclusion of people with disabilities, because having access to mobile connectivity allows eliminating or minimizing the barriers that limit learning and participation in daily activities.

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