Use of Homemade Remedies Worsens Burns

    In 2017, 7,485 Patients Were Treated throughout the Country

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    Toothpaste, egg whites, baking powder, milk, or Aloe Vera. These are some of the “homemade remedies” that are recommended when a person suffers a burn. But, actually, they are all a myth.

    The National Children’s Hospital (HNN) reiterated that these practices do not help anyone who suffers a burn. On the contrary, it exacerbates the situation and can generate future complications.

    In case a child or adult suffers an accident of this type, the first thing to do is call emergency, remove the clothing that is on the burn and immediately place water at room temperature on the affected part. Cinthya Mora, head of the Burns Unit of the HNN, also warned that you should not run, because the wind generated in that action fuels the fire.

    The basic recommendation: pouring fresh water on the affected area

    Likewise, she explained that up to September of the current year, 23 children with burns had been treated. The campaign launched by health authorities “For a December without Gunpowder”, aims to make clear one fact: no gunpowder is harmless.

    The director of the HNN, Olga Arguedas, called the attention of adults, since they usually buy flares or volcanoes (which are smaller), so that minors play with them, but it turns out, that gunpowder is capable of generating deep injuries and even amputations. If you have children in your care, avoid making fires or lighting fires on the floor -this warning must be taken seriously.

    The largest number of patients is between 1 and 9 years old. It should be remembered that the “Weapons and Explosives Law” punishes all those who sell gunpowder to minors between 3 and 7 years in prison.

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