The Project intends to give many children a reason to smile by painting the façade of the National Children’s Hospital. The program consists in painting a kinetic rainbow in the front part of the healthcare facility.

“The project which is being directed by Luis Andrés Porras aims to benefit all the children that usually come to this institution for consultation. Architect Porras came here one year ago and proposed two things one of which was: a contest with the objective of selecting a project to redesign the façade of the hospital. By doing this, we will be giving a new and more colorful front side to the institution, which is an initiative that may appeal to a lot of children who usually come here for check-ups and consultation”  – said one of the doctors.

The winner of that international contest conducted by Architect Porras was the Venezuelan architect Elena Alvarez, who’s resided in London for many years now. The cost of the project is $100,000, and donations are welcome. The Costa Rica EPA hardware store will be recollecting all donations through a social program named “Ayudar es sencillo” (helping is very simple). Donators can contribute with money and as volunteers to paint the hospital.

Around 274 kids are medically assisted everyday in the facility, while 40 go there for their chemotherapy treatment.      It’s important to add that the hospital receives patients from other regions of Costa Rica.

Funds and charities for this good cause will be welcome until September.