US Schools Offer Employment to Costa Rican Teachers

    They Would Teach in the United States and Have the Same Working Conditions as any American Teacher

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    Muriel Bonilla is a Costa Rican teacher who has been working for 4 years in a school in North Carolina, United States, thanks to the cultural exchange program Participate Learning: “I wanted to give myself the opportunity to see a little bit further and also improve my English level. So I applied to the process and I am doing what I like to do most of all, which is teaching, only that in another country and I am very happy”, she says.

    She tells how her students, American elementary school children, like her warm way of being. “I am to hug and give them a hand when they walk and maybe they were not used to that but now they love it”, she adds.

    Muriel Bonilla teaching her students at a US school

    Being part of a unique professional experience in the United States like Muriel, with all the labor benefits and economic rewards as if she was an American educator, are part of the benefits that Costa Rican teachers and professors could aspire to through the Participate Learning Program which has opened its registration process for the next school year until March 31st, 2019. You can apply at

    Participate Learning is a specialized proposal for educators interested in being part of a cultural and professional exchange that goes from 3 to 5 years in the United States. They have opened their process of recruiting Costa Rican teaching professionals for the 2019-2020 school year, for the immersion program in Spanish for preschool and primary teachers, in which all lessons are taught in Spanish.

    According to Ronald Ramírez, recruiting coordinator of Latin America, “in addition to the implicit benefits of having all the necessary conditions and support to carry out their professional work in the United States, the teacher recruited by Participate Learning also has extensive training opportunities with educational resources that facilitates the program such as seminars and trainings that advertise schools in different American cities”.

    As an additional advantage, Participate Learning facilitates those teachers and recruits who already have a family, so that their partners and children have the required visas to be able to stay together during the exchange period.

    The requirements

    As requirements to apply, Participate Learning requests that aspirants must have a university degree that accredits them for the work, in addition to having at least 2-year experience as a teacher. Apart from this, the teacher must manage linguistic fluency in the English language so that he/she can carry out effective work and communicate with classmates, superiors, children, and parents.

    In addition to this, the person applying must have a driver’s license and driving experience because the teacher, in case of being recruited, must travel by car to his/her place of work.

    If you are a teacher or graduate teacher who has the requirements requested by Participate Learning and is also open to having a unique personal and professional experience, in equal working conditions that an American teacher, you are a good candidate to apply.

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