U.S. Military Ships Are Needed to Fight Drug Trafficking

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    (TCRN) The Costa Rica News – The Ministry of Security, Mario Zamora, reminded the congressmen that “it is a primary duty” to support the fight against drug trafficking and that he expects the entry of U.S military ships to be allowed for joined patrolling purposes.

    Mario Zamora assures that his complaint before the IV Court is intended to improve the faults of the judicial system of the country in which “there are many people who feel at ease in their comfort zone”.

    Zamora tried to persuade the congressmen to approve the entry of U.S military ships. “It is our primary duty to safeguard the national territory from a major threat: organized crime from drug dealers. Unless we count on ships with better patrolling equipment and capabilities than ours we are in a very vulnerable position”. This complaint was made yesterday morning at the Presidential House, were referred to the delayed decision of the congressmen to approve entry of the U.S Navy, which is waiting for authorization to support patrolling actions against drug trafficking in Costa Rica.

    Zamora also complained that the navy´s request of entry was presented three weeks before the congressmen went on vacation, but “not even then was there a space for dialogue and voting”.

    In the meantime, the deputies are still on vacation and approval of the permit is pending.

    The patrol agreement between Costa Rica and the United States is in force since 1999, and among its results it is noteworthy that just between January and May of this year 5 tons of de cocaine, 2,5 tons of marihuana, and 8 fast boat were confiscated.

    However, the U.S ships will continue waiting to collaborate until the deputies make a decision. They will resume work on July 22nd. Nacion

    Tracy Vargas

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN),
    San Jose Costa Rica

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