Top Three Medical Tourism Destinations for Costa Rican-Americans

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    Medical tourism from the United States has increased.

    The top reasons?

    • Millions of Americans do not obtain a health insurance at all or their insurance does not cover all medical procedures
    • Long waiting lists in the U.S. for medical procedures is burdensome
    • Hospitalization cost a fortune

    Traveling today is easier and affordable

    Americans, especially Costa Rican Americans living in the U.S. choose to go to Mexico, The Dominican Republic and Costa Rica for complex medical procedures, dental works and aesthetic surgery.

    Costa Ricans living in the U.S. have an advantage over Americans who do not speak the Spanish language and are also familiar with the culture of those countries.

    Costa Rican Americans take the opportunity to travel to beautiful Costa Rica and combine a leisurely vacation in their homeland or a family reunion with a medical treatment in one of the top-notch clinics available there.

    The high standards of medical treatment in Costa Rica has turned San Jose into a regional hub for dental procedures and aesthetic surgery which is hardly affordable in the States. Doctors and specialists in all the branches of medicine have been accredited in the States or in other European countries and boast extensive knowledge in their specialty.

    The most popular medical procedures in Costa Rica carried out by leading doctors are: aesthetic surgery; nose jobs, face lifts, breast augmentation, botox, tummy tuck and liposuction. Orthopedics and spinal surgeries are also in demand. Dental implants and all other dental works.

    The medical institutions in Costa Rica adhere to strict standards of medical clinics in developed countries; patient safety and confidentiality are top priorities of the hospitals and their staff.

    Costa Rican Americans know all the exclusive locations for a vacation and the comfortable resorts for recuperation after surgery. All-inclusive hotels and spas are a good chance for relaxation and gaining strength to go back home to the U.S.

    Mexico is also a sought-after destination for corrective and preventative medicine among Costa Rican Americans. Flights are inexpensive from the U.S. and accommodation is relatively cheap.Many American choose to go by bus or by car to border cities which make the trip even more worthwhile.

    Private hospitals and clinics in Mexico boast cutting-edge facilities with modern operating rooms and intensive care units. Mexican doctors have been trained in international hospitals across the U.S. and are considered to be skilled physicians.

    Americans have confidence in going to Mexico for medical procedures, especially for weight loss surgery, dentistry and cosmetic procedures. Moreover, American Spanish speakers have the luxury of understanding the language and feel comfortable in Mexico, no wonder Mexico is a popular destination for international patients from the U.S.

    Prices for various medical treatments in Mexico are approximately 60% less than in the States. These figures make it an amazing saving for high quality medical procedures.

    Attractive medical packages can be found in The Dominican Republic for Americans who speak Spanish; The Dominican Republic is known for the best beaches in the world and takes an advantages of its natural beauty to draw medical tourists to the exclusive medical institutions for various medical procedures. The reasonable prices of the whole medical trip is 50% less than having surgery in the States.

    Doctors in The Dominican Republic work in frontline medical facilities and have practiced in the U.S. and in top universities in the country. They are up-to-date with all latest technology in all fields of medicine.

    Medical tourists come to The Dominican Republic for dentistry, orthopedic, cardiology and cosmetic surgery.

    A few tips for the medical tourist before going abroad for a medical procedure:

    • Take all your medical records with you, including blood tests, imaging discs and all prescriptions and medication you have.
    • When arranging a resort for recuperation after your medical procedure, book a place that you know will have all the facilities which you might need to help you recuperate; a relaxing spa, healthy food and a close location to the hospital.
    • Insist to be provided with a full report on the medical procedure you’ve had so that a follow up back home will be conducted thoroughly.
    • Book a follow up back home before you leave for your medical travel.
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