Top Symptoms of Hearing Loss That You Should Know

Hearing problem

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Hearing loss can be alarming for any person who experiences it. Not just hearing, impairment to any of the sense organs will be a big physical challenge. If you are one of those who is going through a rough patch where you are not able to hear people or sounds properly, then it is high time you visit an ENT specialist. Before moving on to the common symptoms, you should know about the two types of hearing loss problems:

  • Temporary hearing loss – when you are exposed to deafening noise that is beyond the normal decibel limit like flying in a helicopter, loud fireworks, or gunshots, then you may not be able to hear anything for a few hours. This can also go up to a few days. There are cases where people go to work in places that involve a lot of sound throughout the day. This can easily lead to temporary hearing loss or you may even have tinnitus where you experience a constant ringing sound in your ear. Temporary hearing loss and tinnitus can be treated quickly through different exercises, medicines or a natural treatment like Calminax depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Permanent hearing loss – as you can understand, the permanent hearing loss means you will not be able to hear at all for the rest of your life. It means permanent impairment and although there are treatments to reverse the condition, the cases are quite rare. Permanent hearing loss happens when the auditory nerves get completely damaged. The easiest way to treat this problem is to use a prescribed hearing aid.

Common symptoms of hearing loss

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Probably, the easiest way to understand if you are having hearing problems or not is to miss out on sounds or calls from people. However, most people tend to ignore such symptoms. So, here are some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss that you should be aware of:

  1. When you have trouble understanding someone while giving a speech in a noisy area – normally, your ears would identify what the speaker is saying but when you got a hearing problem, the speech will be a blur to your ears and you will feel that the person is mumbling.
  2. When you cannot listen to the television or the radio at a lower volume and you always have to raise the volume up to listen – this happens when you get accustomed to loud noises and you are not able to hear anything soft. It is a sign that your auditory nerves are not responding to sounds of a lower volume or decibel unit.
  3. When you ask people to repeat what they said – many would say that you are inattentive, but an ENT specialist will say that you have a hearing problem. This is a common situation that you are not able to hear what people are saying and you either lip read what they are saying or ask them to repeat what they said.

The hearing loss gives you time to observe the symptoms before they start to grow. It will be wise to visit an ENT doctor a soon as you notice any kind of hearing problem.

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