Top 10 Deadliest Species on The Planet

How dangerous could they be?

White Shark
Shark vs Killer Whale

10. Great white shark
Widely mythologized by Hollywood, the great white shark is not really an animal as sinister as we have been painted in film and television. However, this does not mean that it is not a mortal animal, in fact, it has everything necessary to be a huge deadly weapon. With more than 3000 teeth extremely sharp (able to break the bones), 6 meters long and weighing almost 2300 kg, I would not stay in the water … they are very curious, the blood draws much attention and naturally , by way of touch, give big bites when they want to find out something. Oh, I forgot to mention that they can make big jumps out of the water.

9. African buffalo
It weighs between 300 and 900 kg, has a height of between 1 and 1.7 m and a length that

African buffalo
African Buffalo

can reach almost 3.5 m in length, plus an immense force and a strong and sharp pair of horns able to traverse practically anything. The big problem with this creature is that it attacks totally unexpectedly and in the herd, ramming and destroying everything in its path while running at a speed of more than 60 km / h.

8. Death Worm
Pertaining to the genus of Lonomia, its scientific name is Lonomia oblique and is popularly known as “the worm of the death”. It is a small but deadly caterpillar that can be found especially in Brazil (where all deaths have been recorded so far), but also in Argentina and Uruguay. There are many species of the genus with venom in their stinging hairs, some are simply irritating and annoying, others ardent and very painful and others, deadly. They are small, they camouflage very well in the vegetation and with only touch you, they kill you. The great danger is that they dwell in the trees, from where they can fall and eliminate you without more.

Death Worm
Death Worm

This carnivorous invertebrate, of a size of only 10 to 15 cm, possesses a poison so deadly that it has given him the motto of “cigarette snail”, because if a person is stinged by this animal only has enough time for his last cigarette. Its poison is called conotoxin, a potent neurotoxin that once enters the body, you should apply the antidote immediately, perform a complete blood transfusion or otherwise … light that cigarette as soon as possible.

7. The Elephant
Despite their friendly appearance and intelligence, elephants are known for attacking without warning, sometimes killing zookeepers. They have huge tusks and with them, they have caused 300-500 deaths per year, they are definitely very dangerous animals.

Aedes Aegyti

6. Mosquito
The vast majority of mosquito bites simply leave an annoying hive or some small lesion on the skin, some can transmit deadly diseases or transmit parasites that may also end up killing you. Every year, more than 2,000,000 people die in the world as a result of a mosquito bite.

5. Blue-ringed octopus
The reefs and depths of the oceans are complex places … especially when we talk about deadly animals, extreme conditions, and organisms that cling to life with all their strength. Perhaps these places and Africa are the most complicated if you want to keep you safe, but anyway, the fact is that one of the most lethal beings of the deep is the fascinating blue-ringed octopus, who shoots small doses of enough venom as to kill 30 adult men at one go. In addition, the poison quickly travels the body, paralyzes and well … you are at the bottom of the sea.

Poison dart frog

4. Poison dart frog
Poison dart frogs inhabit several tropical and jungle regions of Latin America, are the size of an office clip and are so poisonous as to kill 10 men in a few seconds. You do not have to be too smart to understand it, and no matter how small they may be, their bright, radiant, mutant blue color screams to you that if you kiss this frog you will find something far worse than an effeminate prince. Curiously, there are a single species capable of resisting the deadly venom of these frogs, the Leimadophis Epinephelus, a snake that feeds on these frogs and has developed excellent resistance to their food.

3. Hippo
Back to the deadly black continent. Do you know how many people die each year from

Angry Hippo

hippopotamus attacks? Approximately 3000. This is because, by nature, hippos have an extremely aggressive territorial behavior that added to their huge and sharp teeth, their weight greater than 3600 kg, a size of 2 m, a little water to defend and about 3000 stupids on the turn, is perfectly explained. These figures put him above animals as dreaded as lions and there are those who claim that there is no animal more terrible than the hippopotamus throughout Africa.

2. Sea Wasp
And now we go back to the sea, another place where, as we said, it’s not going to go very well if you want to stay alive. The sea wasp is a classic on any such list, why? Because it is a huge jellyfish that can reach 3 m in length and weigh 2 kg, with more than 15 deadly tentacles, venomous as hell, that allow you to catch and eat sea turtles. Each tentacle has about 5000 stinging cells capable of taking your life in a heartbeat with a simple brush. Where could I live such a thing? In Australian waters, where else?

man hunting

1. The Man

SOURCEFernado Rojas
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