Time to Retire? Relocate to Costa Rica, The Ultimate Heaven

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica, Un lugar de vida pura meaning Welcome to Costa Rica, A place of pure life.

If this attitude is appealing to you, then you might consider yourself to be eligible to retire in Costa Rica. The country is tucked in between Nicaragua on the North, the Caribbean Sea to the East, the Pacific Ocean to the West, and Panama to the south. Truly, Costa Rica has it all: year-round tropical climate, serene rural pockets, plush cities, hillside villages, Caribbean beaches, rainforests, Pacific Coastline, lush valleys, and beautiful mountains.

According to the U.S. Department of State, there are more than 20,000 expatriates those living in Costa Rica and most of them as retirees. The reason that Costa Rica is having the highest living standards in Central America. The economy of Central America is blooming as it is getting a considerable amount of tourists from around the world. You will face no trouble while you are searching for the theaters, galleries, and fine dining.

All thanks to the excellent health care and systems along with Internet (even in remote and inaccessible areas). Furthermore, there is a reliable electric service provider, potable water to drink, and even good Internet speed coverage as well (even 4G in some locations).

Adding to this, there are some exotic natural beauty, welcoming nature of the local, their culture, and the convenience to stay there make it an ideal destination to retire and relocate!!

So planning for the relocation..??? Check out some Travelodge offers so that the retiring and relocation don’t cost you a fortune. Lets us have a brief look about Costa Rica:

  • So, What exactly is the attraction in Costa Rica?
  • Corcovado National Park
  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens
  • Pink Sand Beach, Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica Independence Day
  • No wonder that Costa Rica Life is too appealing

What about other costs to be incurred in Costa Rica? You can live like a rockstar in Costa Rica for $4,000 per month. Also, you can live affordably with $1,500 to $2,000 per month without compromising and sacrificing your monthly budget. The figure specified above consists of the rent, transportation, Internet, electricity, and mobile bills.

You will equally save some extra on the petty issues as mentioned below. Get started:

  • Tickets for the matches and events from $2 to $20
  • Fresh Red Snapper – $2.5 per pound
  • Pound of beans and rice each – $1.40 per pound
  • Four Avocados – $2
  • Pineapples – $10
  • Imperial Beer’s Bottle with a local pack – $3.25
  • Bus Ride from San Jose to Jaso Beach (60 miles) – $4.11

But if you are considering these as potential cost savings, then you are mistaken. It is the cost of the overall improvement of your life in Costa Rica


  • How does it cost to retire in Costa Rica?

Known as the most expensive countries in the Central America, Costa Rica is the safest and most stable with a growing economy. However, in Costa Rica, you are certain to find high living standards that are far below o that of the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

You don’t need to give up or sacrifice on anything if you are planning to retire in Costa Rica…except cold winters…!!! Need new modern appliances? A high-speed 4G Internet connection with a satellite TV? Costa Rica has all these services inclusive of the infrastructure to meet all your needs and requirements.

And because the cost of labor is too low, you may be able to get and employ some household help so that you are enabled to improve the quality of your life.


  • So, what do think? Want to live in Costa Rica?

There is not much that you can’t-do in Costa Rica. If you have decided to get settled down in Costa Rica, make up your mind to enjoy some of the most memorable days of your life.

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