Tico Women Demonstrate That Age is Not An Obstacle to Get Ahead

    They lead ventures that produce sustainable paper and vegan mayonnaise

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    Faced with the crisis of employment in the country, entrepreneurships are taking on more growth and are an alternative for thousands of women, mostly heads of household. Two very different projects promoted by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Junior Achievement Costa Rica, are the reflection that for many, age is not an obstacle when it comes to overcoming oneself.

    One of them is Nova Terra, which produces apple, banana, sunflower seed, oregano and mint-based paper, used to line notebooks and create dividers that once its useful life is fulfilled, it can be ingested by bees.

    “In order to save Costa Rican beekeeping we started the project. We know that bees are responsible for 70% of the world’s agriculture, but unfortunately since 2016 70% of the species has disappeared due to pesticides. Our country is one of the main consumers of the product, that’s where our concern was born,” said Priscilla Solís, 17, who serves as general manager of the venture that was born in the Junior Achievement Company program.

    With a lot of love and dedication

    Rústica Sazón is another venture that started in 2018 with the sale of vegan mayonnaise, today offered at the farmer’s fair in San Isidro and Santo Domingo de Heredia. Berta Jaimes had this business idea after being fired from a job in which she worked for years.

    “I never imagined that, with fresh quality ingredients, a lot of love and above all dedication, it would help improve the health of others. I am happy and inspired to help and at the same time generate income for the home,” said the 63-year-old woman.

    Junior Achievement Costa Rica maintains 25 programs that provide entrepreneurship tools such as financial education and employability to women.

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