Tico Municipalities must Protest Restrictions on Beaches, Say Deputies

    Health Ministry urges compliance of the sanitary measures

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    The municipalities of Garabito and Quepos received a ministerial resolution to comply with established sanitary measures on the access to beaches by tourists. The deputy of the New Republic bloc, Carmen Chan, sent a message to the municipal sector of the country, saying to “strongly protest” the restrictions on beaches. According to the legislator, it is time for the government of Carlos Alvarado to stop trampling on municipal autonomy.

    “The municipalities must give a hammer blow to the absurd restrictions on beaches. I hope that the municipalities and the coastal areas will join the fight for the good of the Costa Rican economy and the defense of the rights of citizens,” Chan said.

    Ministry of Health urges municipalities of Garabito and Quepos to comply with measures

    In her message, the legislator congratulated the Garabito Municipal Council for supporting Mayor Tobías Murillo’s decision to allow entry to the canton’s beaches until 6:00 p.m. However, this Friday the Ministry of Health issued a resolution to the municipalities of Quepos and Garabito, in order to urge compliance with the sanitary measures established in the framework of the Pandemic, such as the closure of beaches at 2:30 p.m. until January 17.

    “From the epidemiological point of view, it is essential to guarantee effective compliance with the sanitary measures established in the context of the national emergency, in order to safeguard the health of the population and in order to avoid saturation of health services”, says the resolution .

    The Minister of Health, Pedro González, emphasized that this document is an exhortation, but that if it is not complied with, the members of the Municipal Council are exposed to a specific health order for them, as well as are subject to a complaint from the Public Ministry for non-compliance.

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