Tico Health Authorities Do Not Contemplate Bringing the Russian Vaccine to the Country

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    The vaccine produced by Russia against COVID-19 – the so-called Sputnik V – is not within the range of possibilities of interest of the Tico Ministry of Health. The reason: It is not approved by either the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States or the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

    After consulting the Ministry of Health in this regard, the press office responded that “the National Commission for Vaccination and Epidemiology analyzes the available vaccines.” “One of the requirements that was considered for the acquisition of vaccines in Costa Rica is that they have the approval of a strict regulatory agency recognized at an international level such as FDA or EMA,” it adds to the Health response.

    Countries watch it with interest

    Sputnik V does not have the endorsement of recognized regulatory entities in the world, but given the shortage of vaccine supply against COVID-19 in the world, there are nations that see it as an option. Faced with that crisis, in the context of the global emergency caused by the Pandemic, there are nations that do not completely rule it out.

    This is how Latin American nations: Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela, have already signed purchase orders for the Russian doses. In addition, European countries do not look down on using this drug.

    Waiting for approval

    The condition for its use is that it achieves approval from either the EMA or the FDA. Such is the case of Germany and Spain, whose health authorities claim to be willing to authorize the Sputnik V vaccine, if it has the approval of EMA.

    International media indicate that, apparently in the previous January, Russia submitted the application for approval of the use of the vaccine against COVID-19 to the EMA. Russia points out that its vaccine can contribute, in an important way, to the fight against COVID-19.

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