Tico Food Sector Begins the Year with a Virtual Fair of Healthy Products

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    The promotion of Costa Rican products based on fruit and vegetable flours, dehydrated edibles, and sugar-free sweet sandwiches recently had a showcase thanks to the participation of 14 national companies in the Specialty Food Live! 2021.

    The food sector has been, at the world level, probably the most stable during the last year and despite the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Also, the United States is the most important commercial partner of the country and represents 42% of Costa Rican exports.

    The event, organized by the Specialty Food Association of the United States, is one of the benchmarks in the healthy food industry in the North American country. Distributors, entrepreneurs, importers, and suppliers of the gourmet sector participate in it.

    Given that the food and beverage sector is, practically, the only one that has maintained a stable level, and even, in growth during 2020 even with the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19, this industry is a priority for the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer).

    Tico Food industry

    The entity chose the companies that participated in the virtual event, which took place between January 19 and 22. For Costa Rica participated:

    • Natural Sins.

    • Paradise Ingredients.

    • Mafam Industries.

    • Cook food.

    • Blue Mountain.

    • Roma Prince.

    • Agricultural Products Visa.

    •Everything natural.

    • Sweetwell.

    • Nahua Cacao & Chocolate.

    • Tertulia Brugge

    • Vidal Brothers Company

    • Lay

    • Food Pro Salud.

    User-friendly edition

    “This edition has been handled through a platform that has been quite friendly and has helped us to create certain connections with supermarket chains in the United States, mainly, we hope to continue and close negotiations with these potential clients,” said the general manager of Vidal Brothers, Santiago Vidal.

    Stable market for local products

    In the accumulated January – November 2020, the food industry represented 14% of the country’s total exports of goods and showed a growth of 7% about the same period of 2019.

    This perspective would be maintained for 2021, as confirmed by the Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano, and the general manager of Procomer, Pedro Beirute, especially for the following local products:

    • Cereal and seed bars.

    • Canned pineapple.

    • Yuca and hearts of palm canned or in the glass.

    • Prepared pasta and sauces

    • Dehydrated pineapple and Keto snacks.

    • Sugar-free snacks like sighs, cookies, chocolates, and bars.

    • Cocoa and by-products such as nibs, powders, and artisan chocolates.

    Resonance Costa Rica
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