Tico Children and Teens can Participate in High Potential Program Scholarship

    Program seeks to open spaces for children and young people who due to their economic conditions do not have the resources to enhance their skills

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    The High Potential Program of the Edunámica Organization seeks to open spaces to children and young people who stand out for their abilities, but due to their economic conditions, do not have the resources to empower them.

    ÓscarLópez, President of the organization, explained that there are children and young people with high potential and capacities that are not stimulated in the family environment or in the educational center.

    “We have identified students with high potential and abilities in areas such as science, technology, music, reading, among others. At Edunamica we have understood very well that this population has very specific needs and therefore, we have been working on a model that focuses on creating experiences”, López commented.

    Organization will give 60 comprehensive scholarships

    According to the president of the organization, more than 100 children and young people have benefited from this program, and by 2021 they will make 60 comprehensive scholarships available.

    “The Edunamica scholarship is a program that empowers the student in an integral way. In addition to financial support, we support him and provide accompaniment in the academic area, with access to technology, health, psychology, vocational guidance, skill development, and potentization of his talent,” said López.

    They will make available 30 scholarships for children currently in fifth grade, and 30 scholarships for sixth-grade students, who attend schools of Heredia, Guácimo, Guápiles, San Ramón, Naranjo and Turrialba.

    “We want to continue promoting opportunities for the high-potential population that does not have the resources to develop their talent, that is why we invite companies or individuals to join,” López concluded.

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    The Mental Health of Costa Ricans in Pandemic Times

    With the emergence of the first cases of COVID-19, this disease seemed to be something far from Costa Rica....
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