Tico Campaign Seeks to Install Solar Panels in Educational Centers for Indigenous Communities

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    About 115 educational centers in indigenous areas have benefited from the installation of 120 photovoltaic systems, as part of a project by the Omar Dengo Foundation. The institution estimates to install more panels next year in 65 schools that still do not have this clean and sustainable solar energy. To do this, they launched the campaign “A brilliant education for indigenous children.”

    It is an initiative to raise funds, which is developed on the global platform “Global Giving”. This tool will multiply the monthly donations of those who sign up proportionally, that is, with each new monthly donor, the platform will give 200% of the contribution, once it receives the fourth monthly donation.

    According to the Foundation, once the money has been collected, they will begin with the installation in the indigenous community of Altos Guaymí, in Punta Burica, where there are two teachers, 30 students and around 120 parents and siblings of students.

    To donate, you must enter the link for Fundación Omar Dengo.

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