Schools in Costa Rica with Solar Energy Guachipelín School (Escazú) Won Donation of Photovoltaic System

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    The Guachipelín School was chosen from among 17 other organizations that participated in the first edition of the “Soy Luciérnaga” program of the greenenergy® company, in order to win a photovoltaic solar set to save monthly on the electricity bill.

    Factors such as the number of beneficiaries, the monthly cost of electricity, infrastructure, and commitment to the environment, among others, were some of the reasons why this school was chosen.

    The participation window was in 2019, through the link that the company provided on its social networks. In this month of September, the greenenergy® team will finish installing the system in order to request the interconnection to the grid soon and so they can start generating savings as soon as possible.

    “We are very happy to have been chosen to receive the donation of the photovoltaic solar kit. Not only will it allow us to save monthly money and have income for other expenses, but we will also be able to improve our environmental footprint as an institution and allow students to live the experience of having clean energy at school,” said Gustavo Oviedo, President of the Board of Directors of the Guachipelín School.

    The greenenergy® company will provide annual maintenance as part of the program. The school will receive annual reports on the performance of the system, based on the consumption bills after the interconnection. For its part, the Guachipelín School will continue with its environmental initiatives and will reinvest the money saved in school improvements.

    New climate challenges
    “Climate change forces us to take on new challenges as a society and there are many social actors that can influence work to mitigate this phenomenon. Educational centers can apply many strategies that not only raise awareness in children, but also help reduce carbon emissions. We congratulate this Educational Center for the work carried out so that, from its trenches, the world can change environmentally,” said the Mayor of Escazú, Arnoldo Barahona.

    In addition, greenenergy® volunteers, their suppliers and clients, will teach activities with the school children to promote regenerative lifestyles for the protection of the environment, once the students return to school after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    “We are very happy that now, like the fireflies, the school will generate its own light. We are excited to expose more than 600 students to clean energy technologies in order to leave a positive footprint on the school experience,” said Fernando Ortuño, CEO of greenenergy®.

    About “Soy Luciérnaga”
    “Soy Luciérnaga” is the positive social and environmental impact program of greenenergy® Costa Rica, launched in 2019, in order to bring light to organizations that benefit a child population in social vulnerability, through photovoltaic solar systems.

    The company will donate at least one kit per year to the organizations that participate during the application period (September of each year). The beneficiaries will also receive the annual maintenance of the system and will be visited by the volunteers from the company to receive information about environmental protection. For more information go to

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