Three Spiritual Techniques that will Help you Heal Body and Mind

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    In this article you will learn 3 techniques that will help you connect with your spiritual side, in addition to healing both your mind and your body. Always looking to have the energy of our inner being in a perfect balance, so that everything in our lives flows in a positive way.

    1. REIKI

    The first of these techniques is Reiki, this is based on the laying of hands on the body to transmit energy and heal emotional and physical problems. According to its practitioners, Reiki is a natural harmonization system that uses “universal vital energy” to treat illnesses and physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

    It is worth mentioning that this technique was developed in 1922 by the Japanese Zen Buddhist Mikao Usui. Reiki assumes that there is a vital energy of the Universe that is everywhere: in the Cosmos, in Nature, in ourselves.

    When that energy flows through our body, our defenses are active, and our body can experience maximum well-being. When this energy stops flowing, illnesses, stress, anxiety, and other discomforts appear.

    The essence of Reiki is based on these five principles:

    • Do not be angry
    • Do not worry
    • Give thanks
    • Work diligently
    • Be nice to people

    Prayer is done in different ways; it can be practiced individually or in organized groups within the framework of an organized religion, or without subscribing to a particular faith or belief system. Prayer can be done looking for a desired result or without a specific goal in mind.

    The Lancet magazine published a study from Duke University Medical Center that tested the efficacy of prayer and distant healing. The researchers asked religious groups to pray for the health of patients undergoing heart operations. The results indicated that there was a 30-50% improvement in the health of the patients, with fewer complications and heart failure.


    Visualization is a very effective technique that is used in therapy as a tool to reduce the physiological activation that appears in moments of anxiety, and thus achieve a state of relaxation.

    What you try to achieve with this type of techniques is to connect certain images and thoughts with positive moods. This in turn helps us to induce healthy moods that allow us both to relax, and to have pleasant sensations.

    An exercise you can do at home is this: Close your eyes … Imagine that you are sitting on the bank of a river watching the trunk of a tree slowly descend, carried by the current. For 6 to 10 seconds, imagine that a thought of yours, a perception or a feeling, travels up the trunk and then let both disappear from your sight. Then looks back at the river and wait for a new log to appear that will carry a new thought on it.

    This type of technique can be practiced alone or in a group. Because it relaxes, it relativizes habitual worries, reduces fear and anguish and, above all, increases the capacity for concentration, self-knowledge and confidence in one’s own intuition.

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