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    The wellness industry currently seeks to incorporate new ways of healing people to give them fullness in their day-to-day life. Currently, the idea of wellness, as a form of renewal for individuals, has gained importance among people who seek to incorporate new forms of health into their lives.

    The exponential growth of interest in this lifestyle has made the wellness industry in Costa Rica and internationally, in an incessant search to renew its range of services to offer the most innovative treatments on the market.

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    Tico wellness professionals believes that wellness is essential to the human experience on this planet. For them, the fundamental words when talking about well-being are community, connection with nature and self-care. In the same way, consider that you cannot have a healthy person if they are not in a healthy community.

    This idea has to do with the community ties that people formerly established in traditional communities, where they started from the principle of interconnection between all things. Wellness industry trends nature woman Likewise, in the individual process of existence, the idea of wellness is also relates to the particular freedom of the subjects and their decisions.

    The contrary to illness

    We can say wellness is a contrast to what illness is as a disease. That is a state. You can be right or wrong, that’s something a person can choose. You can choose wellness as a lifestyle, You decide to eat well, you decide to exercise, you decide to think positively. There is a proactive aspect to being well.”


    Now, the new trends in wellness indicate that apart from the concept of wellness, there is another more important notion which is wellbeing. Both ideas focus on the healing of people, their difference perhaps lies in their ability to influence the lives of the subjects, since wellness has the characteristic of being temporary, and wellbeing has a broader sense of permanence in the subjects. individuals by endowing them with expansive energy levels for their daily actions and their relationship with the world.

    The spa industry and its impact on people

    Throughout its history, the spa industry has been prone to having superficial elements in the conception of treatments. In current times, “being well” companies can no longer afford these luxuries due to the new service models on the market and the competition that emanates from them.

    In this sense, the industry itself must give it a twist to the approach of treatments. The spa no longer has to be thought of only as a moment of escape from reality, but it is necessary that in each visit to the hydrotherapy facilities or the massage cabin, people are healed so that they face their daily world from one place different. “What we are looking for, currently in the spa industry is to go to wellbeing as a lifestyle and not just stay in wellness as a day of your life,” say the experts.

    Another aspect that the spas must renew is the preparation of the therapists because they are in charge of projecting the whole idea of the wellbeing companies. Each individual who gives a massage must be aware of the responsibility involved in healing a person. “When we train with therapists I try to emphasize that each person we touch is a world and each person can change the world, says a welllness expert. So, it is not a simple massage that we are doing.

    Challenges and trends of wellness in Costa Rica
    According to wellness experts, due to its charming natural regions, Costa Rica is called to be one of the wellness destinations with a selection of awesome, good quality spas. In that sense, the spas in the country can connect the individual with the beautiful ecosystems that exist in the territory.

    “There are many very good spas in Costa Rica. When thinking about spiritual well-being, this idea is associated with the shamanic traditions of native peoples, which makes people, at times, skeptical of this notion. Fortunately today, there are several spas that have incorporated and updated certain ancient practices for all people in the contemporary world who have decided to adopt this lifestyle. The products emanating from nature and pre-Hispanic healing techniques are already a constant in the best spas of Costa Rica because they fulfill the objective of connecting people with nature.

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