The United Nations Commends Costa Rica for Protecting Human Rights of Indigenous People

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)-The United Nations congratulated Costa Rica regarding a Reform in the education of indigenous people in the country and stated that it will contribute to strengthen their identity and culture, as well as to protect human rights.

    The United Nations stated that they “recognize and congratulate Costa Rica for boosting the education of indigenous people through the reform, which constitutes a significant step towards respecting their right to high quality education and strengthens their identity and culture.”

    Two weeks ago the Government published a decree in the Official Journal Gazette that establishes new provisions for the education of indigenous people of Costa Rica. It also recognized Cabécar, Bribri, Ngöbe, Buglé, Maleku, Teribe and Boruca as native languages.

    Salitre Indigenous people are looking for better living conditions. The Costa Rican
    Government approved a project for indigenous people to study in their native languages.
    “Where possible, children of indigenous territories have the right to learn to read and write in their mother tongue, to ensure that they become proficient in Spanish as the official language of the nation, and to benefit from educational bilingual programs “, indicates the decree.

    It also establishes that all indigenous students are entitled to educational programs that integrate local knowledge of their culture and worldview, as well as social, political and economic organization.

    The decree, signed by President Laura Chinchilla and the Minister of Education Leonardo Garnier, indicates that schools in indigenous territories should have indigenous teachers, as well as indigenous administrative staff.

    The decree also establishes that in order to make changes in the indigenous educational system, indigenous groups must be consulted.

    The resident coordinator of the UN system in Costa Rica, Yoriko Yasukawa, said that it is a “fundamental breakthrough to recognize the multi-ethnic and multicultural nature of the country.

    “We express our gratitude to the country and to the leadership that the Ministry of Education has had in issuing this reform to indigenous education, and we manifest the willingness of the United Nations to cooperate in its implementation”, stated Yasukawa said. ACAN-EFE

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