The Subtle Art of Organizing Your New Home When Moving-In With a Partner in Costa Rica

    Merging two different home styles into one space is not an easy process

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    Moving in together with a partner is an important step, and it should not be taken lightly. For getting the perfect start for a new life together, you have to talk about the best plan for merging the two home-styles into one. This can really be challenging and overwhelming, but we can share here some tips on how to combine your two home-styles in a stress-free manner in our beautiful Costa Rica.

    First of all, have a sincere conversation about merging two the homes into one. Combining two homes into one seems like a romantic adventure but it really takes a lot of hard work. But don’t get discourage. With the right tips, not only will you make the entire process much simpler, but also enjoy it from start to finish. 

    The key to every successful joint relocation lies in good communication. This is something that needs to be discussed thoroughly because it will be how you manage to maintain hassles away. So, if you are planning to combine your homes into one, first have an honest conversation about it. Let each other know how you have pictured it. Talk about potential problems you could face and how you are going to solve them if they appear.

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    Determine your needs

    Where are you going to live? Are you going to need to get packing services? How much money do you plan to spend on the relocation process? These are only some of the questions you need to ask. Answering them will help you greatly and you let you come up with a plan for your aspirations.

    Decide what you are going to keep and get rid of the rest

    Whether you plan to move into a three-bedroom home or in a downtown apartment, you will have to discuss what items you are going to keep and move in with you. This is something that should be done no matter the size of the home where you plan to relocate. And you can always get a storage space in Costa Rica and put away some of your belongings. But, this goes only for seasonal items and not for items you are still using.

    Also, there is really no need for moving two beds if you have only one bedroom in your new home or four couches. Instead of filling your new home with the furniture you don’t need, plan carefully what items you are going to relocate.

    You should take measurements of your new home, and only after doing this, you should start to plan what furniture you are going to relocate. You can even create an inventory list together and write down everything you want to move.

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    Do not throw away items you are not using anymore

    Many people relocate more furniture than they need because they don’t want to throw it away. Even though this is understandable, we have to say that there are many options when it comes to getting rid of items you are not using. Throwing stuff away should be your last option.

    There are many ways for getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore, here are some examples:

    Donate your belongings to someone in need: There’s nothing better than helping others. Since most cities and towns in Costa Rica have donation centers, you should look them up and find the one that is closest to your home. You can take there the items you won’t need after finalizing the moving-in process. Of course, you should donate only those items that are not damaged.

    Sell some of your stuff: If you have items that can still be used, sell them. You can do this online, by setting up a profile on various websites or you can organize a yard/garage sale. The choice is yours.

    Enjoy decorating together with your partner when merging the two homes into one: After you get rid of the items you don’t need and come up with a moving plan, you will be one step closer to starting a new phase of life with your partner. Since you will be moving in together, you should decorate your new home together.

    Your home should be styled in a way both of you agree: Both of you can add a personal touch and you will see how awesome your new place looks. The best option is that you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on decoration. There are many affordable ideas for making cool and unique pieces.

    These are the key steps we suggest for merging two homes into one trouble-free process. Follow them and you won’t have to deal with problems other people face during their relocations. And, once you move in together, you should look for ways of making your lives simpler and better! If you talk about all of this ahead of time, you will avoid unnecessary hassles and you will be happier – communication is the key.

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