The Knowledge Culture: How Demand for Virtual Assistants is a Product of the Internet

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Technology has made it easier to find out something about virtually anything and everything. If there’s information out there, the internet will find it. Even if you forgo the searching prowess of Google, there are multiple ways to educate yourself about a particular topic. Indeed, such is our thirst for knowledge and the technology that can quench it that the market for virtual assistants has exploded over the last two years.

However, before the likes of Amazon Echo and Alexa were responding to our requests with voice notes, comparison sites were fueling our desire to learn. What started off as a trend in the insurance sector quickly became the default way to inform and promote products in the mid-noughties. By reviewing, comparing and rating products, developers and third parties have made it easier to digest information and, in turn, expand our horizons.

Instant Information Has Become a Trait of the Internet

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Interestingly, these sites haven’t lost their appeal even as virtual assistants have become more advanced. In fact, third-party review sites have actually helped virtual assistants provide better results. Because they provide a one-stop-shop for a consumer’s needs, they can return a large amount of data in a single hit. For example, if you wanted to learn about online casinos in the UK, a dedicated comparison site would be your first port of call.

At the recently revamped, information has been broken down into categories. By making everything more accessible, the company is able to enlighten novices in a more efficient way. The site reviews and compares the best online casino UK operators. As well as a rundown of their main selling points, the site ranks them and highlights any important terms and conditions such as bonus codes and wagering requirements.

For someone that wants an easily digestible insight into the online casino world, resources such as this are fantastic. However, they’re not just confined to gaming. Regardless of what you’re interested in, there will be a website that covers all the important angles. Another example would be As well as ranking the top smartphones, this site has guides, news updates and product data. Again, if you want to learn all about modern mobiles, this is an ideal way to do it.

A Culture of Knowledge Makes Virtual Assistants Valuable

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Using these sites as a platform, virtual assistants are simply the next generation of information technology. In practice, they’re the bridge between us and a world wide web full of information. Instead of typing, we now ask our smartphones or home hub a question and in seconds we get an informed response. By making the processes easier (compared to typing), new data suggests the virtual assistant market will be worth $25.23 billion by 2023. That figure represents a growth rate of 46% over a six-year period (2017 to 2023). By almost any industry’s standards, that’s impressive and it’s because the internet has fostered a culture of information.

Because we now have the power to look up anything in seconds, people are more willing to do so. Before the internet, books or knowledge direct from the source were the main ways of learning about a new topic. Today, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you want to know about, the information is available almost instantly when you use the internet. For that reason, if no other, technology has had a positive impact on our lives and the world around us. Moreover, it’s created a lucrative new market for developers, tech brands and investors.

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