The Islands of Costa Rica: Magical Places with Endless Adventures and Fun

Come and be amazed by so much to see and enjoy in our Islands

Our country is very popular for its beaches, but let’s talk also about our exotic and little known islands. Although our country has more than 100 islands, we only usually recognize a couple of them: Coco, Tortuga and Chira Islands. That’s why we invite you to learn more about the other less known exotic islands.

Here are some of those wonderful islands where you could live new adventures with family, friends or even alone.

Cedros Island.

This island is located in the Gulf of Nicoya, it is one of the largest in this region with a small town where a few families live, and it has three main beaches: Langosta, Gringo and Tintorera beach. This island is less than 200 hectares and has a very attractive landscape due to the irregularity of its coast; it also has forests of fine woods, coconut trees, and shrubs. There are organized tours that take you to this island.

Damas Island.

This island is located on the outskirts of Quepos. It is known for the natural beauty that surrounds its mangrove, where you can enjoy the tropical jungle and impressive flora and fauna. During a tour where you can see oysters, rays, black tip sharks and many large schools of fish. In addition, alligators, sloths, crocodiles, boas, white-faced monkeys, egrets and other species of wildlife. To access this island you can do it by means of a kayak or a boat that makes these excursions. You can also reach it from the incomparable Manuel Antonio National Park, thus completing your incredible experience in Quepos with a full immersion in nature. And sometimes this island is also accessed from the well-known city of Jaco.

Caño Island.

snorkeling at cano island

This biological reserve represents a historical site for our country since in its lands two beautiful pre-Columbian spheres were discovered together with anthropological artifacts. In the southern part, there is a beautiful viewpoint from which you can see incredible panoramic views. Its waters possess one of the most extensive and well-preserved coral reef formations of the Costa Rican Pacific coast. There are five low reefs with extensions ranging from 0.8 to 4.2 hectares. It is an important area for humpback whale breeding, both coming from the northern and southern hemispheres, as well as resident species of dolphins. This island has a paradise under the sea; it is one of the best places to snorkel, where you can see reef sharks, manta rays, turtles, a variety of fish and corals species.

Jesuit Island.

Located near Cedros Island in the Gulf of Nicoya, it has a dry tropical forest and several beaches with transparent and calm waters. From this island, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf and the province of Puntarenas. This island is perfect for camping since it is equipped so that visitors can spend the nights safely. Here you can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, fishing and even take a tour to nearby islands.

Bolaños Island.

This island has varied vegetation typical of a dry shrub forest that covers the entire island, and most of the land is very rugged making it a somewhat difficult place to visit. Layers of rocks aged 40 million years make up the oval-shaped island, but everything is not dry and inhospitable, upon reaching the island, visitors will enter white sand beaches that are populated by various species of crabs that can be seen at low tide. The flora of this refuge attracts hundreds of species of birds when it is in full bloom. Once all the fruits are gone, the birds begin to use branches and sticks to create their nests on top of the trees.

Dare visit these exotic islands and rediscover once again our incredible natural beauties.

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