The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Survival of the Human Species

Reflections of a Parent

Covid-19 has three characteristics that make it very dangerous:

1) Because it is a new Strain, science does not have enough data regarding its behavior and mutation capability.

2) It is extremely contagious and resistant.

3) The clinical outcome of infected persons can be very serious and lethal.

What does this mean?

Until an effective vaccine and the subsequent global immunization campaign are developed, we have to be prepared as individuals, families, and society for the consequences of this Pandemic.

Let’s be clear, what is and what is not for the Social Quarantine.

The purpose of the Social Quarantine is to avoid an overflow of the health centers in the country with those infected, which could lead to a total sanitary collapse.

The purpose of the Social Quarantine is NOT to: Eliminate Covid-19. Do not expect that, after a month or two in quarantine, the Virus disappears and life continues just as before.

The world changed with the appearance of this Virus.

Have you asked yourself how is it, that the most microscopic of living beings on this Planet put the self-proclaimed King of all Species on its knees!

This tiny biological entity paralyzed 8000 million Human Beings and locked them up in their homes!

Think of the dimensions of this for the evolution of us as a species, when we thought we were omnipotent!

My reflection as a Parent of small children.

We should take this crossroad that we find ourselves for: FORGING THE CHARACTER OF OUR CHILDREN.

Let the younger generations know that THEY have the “privilege” (as I see it) of inheriting a planet and a society that has to decide the survival of the human species.

Either we grow and move forward together, or our species will be one of the millions of species that have become extinct since the beginning of time on this planet.

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SOURCEGerardo Méndez
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