The Challenge of Restoring Green Life In Latin American Countries

    All contributions for reforestation are necessary

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    Time passes us bills, of what we do with nature, therefore, it is essential that we be as kind as possible, plant a tree and give greater impetus to reforestation. This is our second article in TCRN Verde, remember that in the previous one, we commented as part of the project, that if we all eat fruits, it is preferable not to throw away the seeds, but to let them dry and store them in a bag so that on the way we spread them, so that it is Mother Nature who takes the next step.

    Restoring green life in Latin America

    Many will think that the restoration of green life in Latin American countries is a challenge, a situation that can take its time, but it is not impossible. It is worth noting that part of the loss of green life has been through forest fires, changes in land use, falling of trees, among others.

    In fact, actions by various countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia are an example for the recovery of green life, everything is oriented towards planting trees, cleaning beaches and rivers, as well as caring for species.

    Lost of nature

    According to the United Nations (UN), each year at least 4.7 million hectares of tropical forest are lost in the world. Rivers, lakes and ponds suffer from pollution and overfishing; while mountains and oceans are exposed to the degradation and loss of their ecosystems. Until now, it is known that half of the planet’s wetlands have disappeared and the same has happened with 50% of coral reefs.

    Raise awareness

    It is necessary, to start thinking, that the planet is losing its essence, its green life and in part, we have been responsible. In Latin America, experts emphasize that ecosystems are being lost due to deforestation, due to the opening of roads, but the main driver has been the change in land use to convert forests into fields, pastures for livestock, mining activities. and illicit crops.

    Beyond all, the intention is to promote planting as one of the ways to  generate awareness and contribute to nature, making the call, denouncing negative activities. The green life of nations is everyone’s responsibility, their waters, their soils, forests and even the air we breathe.

    Plant a tree, eat a fruit, save the seeds, then spread them … Nature will smile at you.

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