The “Agüizotes” Best Known by The Ticos

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    To attract good luck, love, good vibes, travel, health, among others; for that the famous “agüizotes” are used to perform. Could we say that Costa Ricans are quite “believers”? The UNIMER firm carried out a brief online consultation on this issue in which 1,171 Costa Ricans distributed throughout the national territory participated; both men and women, young and old.

    The purpose of the question was to know if those consulted had heard about the end-of-year “agüizotes” and 88% said that they actually knew them. On the other hand, they also wanted to make a ranking of the best known “agüizotes” and these are the results:

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    • 46% Eat 12 grapes on December 31st before midnight.
    • 43% Find the Saint Lucia flower to hang in your wallet and attract luck throughout the year.
    • 29% Wear a yellow garment on January 1st to attract luck.
    • 28% Take a walk around the neighborhood block with a suitcase in hand to attract trips.
    • 24% Make 3 wishes at midnight on December 31st.
    • 20% Put on a red garment on December 31st to attract luck.

    Do you usually do any?

    Although it was not mentioned, I remember that, throughout my childhood, every year, our parents would send us to pick up, among the neighbors on the December 31st; specifically, 12 5 cent coins; We were many children knocking on doors to be able to collect the required amount. Then, when complementing them, we put all in a red bag that they cooked themselves and that we baked just at midnight behind the door. All this so that we would not lack money during the year.

    In an interview with the recently deceased Costa Rican traditionalist Dionisio Cabal, he explained that the “agüizotes” were practices brought by the Spanish during the Conquest period and these consist of a mixture of superstition, belief and magic.

    Many people don’t like these kinds of activities; however, I like to see it as a type of tradition that is passed from generation to generation; lighting up Christmas and the end of the year.

    By the way, scientifically it has been proven that the “Christmas rituals”: parties, gift giving, family dinners, end-of-the-year beliefs; etc.; they are a powerful indicator of identity and group membership; but they are also the perfect recipe for family harmony.

    So whatever your way of celebrating, cultivate a tradition that is consistent with your values; something emotional that helps remember and be able to write a beautiful family story.

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