The 10 Professions Most Coveted by AI in Costa Rica

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    The exciting universe of artificial intelligence (AI) unfolds every day as a stage full of extraordinary professional opportunities. From automation to advanced decision making, smart technologies are completely reshaping the way we live and work globally.

    Precisely, Costa Rica is part of this revolution, offering multiple job possibilities in the development, maintenance and improvement of these technologies. These jobs are not only on the rise, but they are also redefining the traditional notion of work, creating a new work paradigm.

    It should be noted that the scope of artificial neural networks goes beyond job transformation: it is a source of inspiration for young people to immerse themselves in STEM careers. Precisely, the motivation to enroll in software-related programs has been experiencing constant growth for a couple of years, driven by the attraction of being active participants in the creation and evolution of innovative technologies.

    Likewise, the possibility of contributing to change and being at the forefront of the tech revolution motivates these enthusiasts to explore a range of educational alternatives linked to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    Now, the job vacancies requested by Artificial Intelligence, in addition to offering competitive salaries, provide other unmatched benefits. From cultivating mental well-being and maintaining a balance between personal and work life, to constant immersion in multicultural teams in large companies, the professional path in this field is revealed to be a fascinating journey towards success.Within this environment, certain careers emerge as the most coveted by artificial intelligence.

    Demand is booming, and the windows are endless for those with experience such as:

    1. Full Stack Developer

    2. DevOps Engineer

    3. Data Scientist

    4. Cybersecurity Expert

    5. Mobile Application Developer

    6. Machine Learning Engineer

    7. Specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    8. Data Analyst

    9. Network Engineer

    10. Systems Architect

    Reshaping the business scenario

    According to Diego Gamboa, Chief Technology Officer of the Software Mismo consulting firm, which currently has related vacancies available, “artificial intelligence reshapes the business scenario and initiates a significant transformation in the very essence of professionals, by automating tasks, enhancing strategic decision making and open new frontiers of innovation, marking the beginning of an era where collaboration between humans and machines redefines the very concept of efficiency and business excellence.”

    “This revolution is not simply about adapting to a new business environment; “It drives a fundamental change in the skills, perspectives and roles of individuals in the world of work, marking a new era of adaptability and vision in the evolution of careers,” explains the executive.

    Those interested in applying for these opportunities must have a minimum B2 level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), show motivation to constantly learn and cultivate soft skills such as effective communication and creative problem solving. Adaptability and ethics in data management are, in turn, essential.

    There are several platforms that offer possibilities for those looking to apply for jobs in these areas, with being one of the notable ones. In this space, interested parties not only have access to vacancies, but also find guidance and support in their job search on an international scale.

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