Tesla Technology Arrives in Costa Rica

Clean Energy Solutions Will Be Available with “Powerpack Tesla” Systems

Costa Rica has been a worldwide reference as a promoter of sustainability, as well as the implementation of clean technologies in favor of the environment and the mitigation of carbon footprint. In fact, on September 20th, 2019, the United Nations (UN) first named a country as “Champion of the Earth”; it is a maximum environmental award given by the efforts we -Costa Ricans- have made over time to protect nature and fight against climate change.

Solar Ing. is aligned to this country’s objective and the Carbon Neutrality 2.0 commitment ratified in the Paris Agreement. “Costa Rica will continue to make great progress in 2021 and its carbon neutrality goal by 2085, in practice. And formally, in 2100, if all Costa Ricans take responsibility and continue working to make this country an example in the world”, said Adrián Murillo, General Manager of Solar Ing.

A pair of technicians standing among Tesla’s powerpack units

Together with this objective, the Costa Rican company today launches Tesla’s #Powerpack storage systems that allow companies and government entities to take control of their energy costs. The #Powerpack storage systems integrate seamlessly with solar energy to store clean and surplus energy, so you can have independent options when the energy demand is high.

Solar Ing will be able to implement, in the first instance, the Powerpack storage systems. They are aimed at the business sector and, eventually, the MegaPacks will be available. These systems are intended for large-scale projects and industry, which will allow consumers to acquire solar energy, store it and use it for its use and thus obtain a new self-sustainable, effective and profitable method, which is also complementary to currently installed methods in the country.

The development of solar energy in Costa Rica and globally is growing, as it is renewable and obtained from the use of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, it helps to solve the most urgent environmental problems facing humanity.

The International Energy Agency states that: “The development of clean, accessible and inexhaustible solar technologies will be a huge long-term benefit. It will increase countries’ energy security through the use of a local, inexhaustible and, even more important, import-independent source of energy. It will also increase sustainability, reduce pollution and climate change mitigation costs, and prevent the rise of excessive fossil fuel prices. These advantages are global. In this way, the costs for their incentive and development must be carried out correctly and widely disseminated.

It is also pleasant to announce that, in this launch, there are already pioneer companies in sustainability who will innovate and set the tone in the country. This is the case of Belca; after acquiring solar panels, it will now integrate #Powerpack to its system.

Similarly, El Arreo and Dos Pinos join this step in Costa Rica and announce the arrival of Powerpacks to their respective industries.

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