Teeth Whitening: Is it safe?

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    Teeth whitening has quickly become one of the preferred options to improve one’s physical appearance, and the reason for this is simple, the quality of your smile directly relates to your whole physical presence, good looks and self-confidence.

    In fact, there are so many teeth whitening products on the market nowadays that many people are concerned about how safe teeth whitening really is.

    Well, the truth is that in the past, teeth whitening products contained abrasive materials that literally scraped the stains off the teeth.  This was very harmful to the teeth because the whitening products stripped the enamel off along with the stains.

    Luckily, today’s technology has greatly improved the process, to the extent that almost every commercial teeth whitening product is completely safe to use so long as it is employed correctly.

    If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, you should know that teeth whitening products are normally used for one to two weeks, and that the majority of over-the-counter products are bleaches¾hydrogen peroxide¾ that simply bleach the tooth’s enamel to make the stains disappear.

    One should take note that current studies have shown that bleaching can create pores on the tooth’s surface that consequently degrades the enamel and opens the door for decay.

    So, if you are presently using one of these over-the-counter bleaching products, it is recommended that you stop its use and immediately consult a dentist if you begin to feel any sensitivity in your teeth.

    Without a doubt, the safest teeth whitening procedures are the ones done by dentists, because these professionals are specially trained to do them.  The dentist will protect your gums and the soft tissue in your mouth, by carefully placing the product directly on your teeth.  In some instances, the dentist may use a laser to activate and boost the product’s whitening effect.

    We at Health Choices Costa Rica highly recommend that anyone looking to whiten their teeth in a safe way, consult with a dentist before choosing a particular product or procedure.

    A professional will first perform a thorough cleaning and then will discuss with the patients any possible complications they may face as they consider the various safe teeth whitening alternatives.

    Fortunately, nearly all dentists agree that most teeth whitening products and procedures available today are generally safe when used properly, and that they often can have a considerable effect on a person’s overall appearance as well as their self-confidence.

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