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    Central Wind

    Savings Rates and Technologies Slow Demand for Electricity

    The trend could force to modify planning of future generation projects; entrepreneurs and IDB study recommend solar and wind power production. Eleven years ago, demand...

    Costa Rica Used 100% Renewable Energy for 299 Days

    You probably didn't think it was possible, but it's true.  For 75 days straight in 2015, Costa Rica ran on 100% renewable energy, and...


    This 2016, on Friday, September 30, Costa Rica is invited to participate in the upcoming “Energy Efficiency Conference”.   You may be wondering, “what is...
    Dr. Franklin Chang is taking on Costa Rican development once again. | TCRN

    Franklin Chang Sets an Example for Private Energy Production

    Dr. Franklin Chang is taking on Costa Rican development once again. A new solar farm proposed by Dr. Franklin Chang’s Ad Astra Rocket Company will...

    Cuban NGOs Push for More Renewable Energy Resources

    In Havana, the Cuban United Nations Association (ACNU) and the NGO Cubasolar have established a working group on renewable energy promotion for the island,...

    Wind energy catches on throughout Central AmericaEnergía eólica gana popularidad en Centroamérica

    With oil prices fluctuating wildly and global warming a growing threat, eco-friendly wind turbines – once an unfamiliar sight in Central America – are...

    Wind energy: how it works

    By Mary Jones, Wind is a result from the uneven heating of the Earth by the sun and the fact temperatures are always attempting...

    500 houses to get solar panels as part of clean energy project

    As part of a pilot program to promote clean energy, the roofs of 500 homes in Costa Rica will receive solar panels that can produce electricity for the company Nacional de Fuerza y Luz (CNFL).

    Costa Rica’s energy policy: An example to follow or to avoid?

    Costa Rica’s pioneering energy policy could be a reliable and cost effective alternative that will lead to a cleaner planet. But is that the case?
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